May 5


101 Self Care Ideas: No Junk Food, Under $10

By Cassie

May 5, 2019

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In the world of self care there are countless lists. There are lists of deep introspective things you can do and things you can plan way in advance. There are also costly activities or vacations and decadent deserts. Most self care lists are compilations of things you might do one day when you have the time or money or you get off of your diet. This list is different. This list is meant to encourage you to take the time for self care every single day. It won’t break the bank or add inches to your waist line but you will feel amazing and pampered.

101 Ideas to get you started

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Create a fun playlist
  3. Watch your favorite movie
  4. Read a good book
  5. Get a magazine about a topic you’re interested in and read it
  6. Create a vision board
  7. Take a bubble bath
  8. Make scented bath salts
  9. Make soup
  10. Have a dance party
  11. Organize a closet
  12. Create new outfits with clothes you already have
  13. Browse through a thrift store
  14. Meditate
  15. Try body brushing
  16. Go for a drive
  17. Go to your neighborhood shelter or pet store and pet the animals
  18. Visit an older friend or relative
  19. Do some yoga
  20. Color
  21. Volunteer
  22. Buy something from the produce section you’ve never tried & try it
  23. Plant flowers
  24. Swing
  25. Stargaze
  26. Take photos
  27. Write a letter to your future self
  28. Write a letter to your child self
  29. Read poetry
  30. Write poetry
  31. Lie in the grass and look for cloud animals
  32. Go on a hike
  33. Lay in a hammock
  34. Sing
  35. Shave your legs
  36. Give yourself a facial
  37. Write a letter to a friend or relative afar
  38. Put on glam make up
  39. Paint your nails
  40. Try a new hairstyle
  41. Watch a documentary
  42. Go tech free for a couple hours
  43. Paddle board
  44. Go for a bike ride
  45. Play frisbee
  46. Cut snowflakes out of paper
  47. Buy wacky shoelaces and lace up your shoes in a new way
  48. Teach someone to do one of your favorite activities
  49. Wander a book store
  50. Go to the library
  51. Watch the sunset
  52. Watch the sunrise
  53. Give yourself a pedicure
  54. Listen to your favorite music
  55. Wash your sheets and line dry them
  56. Pick wildflowers
  57. Marie Kondo a space in your home
  58. Enjoy a fancy coffee or specialty drink
  59. LIsten to a new podcast
  60. Catch up on your favorite blog
  61. Unplug from all tech
  62. Take nature photos
  63. Build a campfire or fireplace fire
  64. Make a list of things you are grateful for
  65. Write a letter to a stranger (deployed military, prisoner etc)
  66. Plant veggies
  67. Go to the farmers market
  68. Diffuse your favorite essential oil
  69. Make an affirmations list & choose 1 – 3 to write on your mirror
  70. Look up quotes by someone who inspires you
  71. Pick one goal & write out your journey
  72. Pray
  73. Read some thing that feeds your spirit (Bible, devotional etc)
  74. Play a board game with a friend
  75. Light candles
  76. Try your hand a Haiku
  77. Re-arrange your furniture
  78. Create a morning routine
  79. Take a nap
  80. Do something spontaneous
  81. Make lavender spray for your pillows and use it
  82. Look on meet up for something you’re interested in and go
  83. Work on a jigsaw puzzle, cross word puzzle or suduku
  84. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  85. Get rid of anything in your house that makes you feel bad.
  86. Organize your pictures on your computer
  87. Watch a movie that makes you cry (we can all use a good cry sometimes)
  88. Watch a movie or comedian that makes you laugh (we can use a laugh too)
  89. Make a pampering skin care product
  90. Wander an antique store
  91. Try a new hobby using you tube tutorials
  92. Cuddle
  93. Spend the day giving compliments to everyone you come in contact with
  94. Have a picnic
  95. Attend a church or other spiritual service
  96. Try to make a healthy version of your childhood favorite food
  97. Take your dog for a walk
  98. Start a journal
  99. Perform a random act of kindness (secretly)
  100. Tell someone that you are grateful for them and why
  101. Stay in pajamas all day

I officially challenge you to 30 days of self care! Let this list inspire you but not limit you. So, pick some things off of it or come up with your own ideas. Either way, do something kind for yourself every day for a month and see how you feel when you’ve finished.

Pro-tip: Day 30 can be “Pat yourself on the back for a full month of self care! YOU ROCK!”

Share your favorite self care idea, activity or tip in the comments. How did you feel after completing 30 days of self care?

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