January 17


11 Secrets to Staying Motivated

By Cassie

January 17, 2022

how to stay motivated, secrets to staying motivated

We’ve all been there!  You set a new goal, start off super strong and then lose steam and quit!  Let’s face it, it’s super hard to change!  It’s not easy to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals!  We simply lose our mojo.  Motivation either slips away or disappears overnight.  It’s a never-ending cycle! But then there seem to be some people who are insanely self-disciplined and get it all done!  They set their sites on losing weight, starting a new business or paying off their debt and they GET IT DONE!  What do they have that we don’t?  Is it genetic?  Were they raised differently?  Are they just stronger or more determined?  NO!  They have a secret!  Well… several actually!  Here they are, 11 secrets to staying motivated!

1. Create a “Can Do” Attitude

By far the most important thing you can do to create and maintain motivation is to create a “can-do” attitude. This not only means that you believe you can but it also means you believe you can do it! At the core, motivation is a mindset skill. Getting your head right makes all the difference.

That means it’s time to get serious about changing the way you think about your ability and your worth. You need to get crystal clear on the fact that you 110% deserve it! The best way to do this? Affirmations! Create a powerful affirmation practice! Not sure how? Check out my Affirmation Challenge.

2. Break It Down

There is a great quote related to this.  “Remember, don’t try to build the greatest wall that’s ever been built.  Focus on laying a single, expertly placed brick.  Then keep doing that, every day.”  Yeah, I’m quoting Will Smith.  But seriously, he definitely seems like one of those people who can just get it done!  That’s for sure!

This is one of the biggest secrets of every person who has ever found success.  You aren’t going to get there overnight so each day you need to work on just a bit of your dream.  You only need to lay one brick!  Just take one small step (find out how here)!

Whatever your task might be, break it down into smaller components and make a road map.  Do something that moves you along that path every day. 

Focusing on the task at hand will help you make progress and keep you from giving up!  We often get overwhelmed with our goals and feel like we aren’t making any progress at all.  If you measure one brick at a time it’ll be much easier to stay motivated!

3. Don’t Skip It

Momentum can make all the difference in the world!  It’s most important to do it even when you don’t want to!  Pushing through these blocks is the key to success.  Let me be honest here… everyone has been here!  If you choose to give up it’s easy to slip back into old habits but if you continue forward, you form new habits.  This changes your brain and creates new neuropathways.  Before you know it, your new behavior will feel like the norm and skipping will feel foreign.

Imagine that you are pushing a boulder up a hill.  If you stop halfway up it’s likely to roll back down (and possibly squish you along the way).  But once you get it to the top of the hill it’ll easily roll down the other side!  Think about this any time you want to quit!  It often feels heaviest just before you get to the other side!

3b. If You Slip Get Right Back at It

Yes! This step TOTALLY requires a little extra attention.

If, for whatever reason, you do skip it or take a little break, get back at it as soon as you can!  You don’t have to wait until Monday or New Year’s Day!  You can get back to it right now!  And for that matter you can start something totally new today! 

Don’t waste a bunch of time beating yourself up!  Don’t eat all the Oreo’s because you ate one and “ruined your healthy food plan for the day anyway”.  Just get back to it! 

4. Journaling

Journals are a great way to keep track of your progress and help you see how far you’ve come!  Keep track of how far you’ve come, even the smallest victories.  And be sure to write down your “why”.  What are you doing it all for? 

If you do happen to find yourself struggling with slipping, use your journal to try to identify what’s throwing you off your game!  Keep track of your sleep, stress level, how you feel, outside pressure and even the good stuff!  Anything you can think of that might be going on in your life. 

And if you find that what’s throwing you off is feeling like you’re not making progress fast enough or feeling overwhelmed consider breaking down your goal even more or measuring your progress differently!

For example, instead of focusing on losing 100lbs at a rate of 5lbs a week consider making your goal 5lbs a month and STAY off the scale!  Instead track non-scale victories.  Track your mood, sleep habits, productivity, exercise or dietary improvements and other factors that are affected by a healthy lifestyle!

5. Use Trackers

You ABSOLUTELY should be using trackers!  It feels amazing to see your hard work paying off and it isn’t always obvious! 

You can track all sorts of lifestyle improvements and progress toward your goals!  You can also simply keep track of your efforts!  This is a great way to watch your wall grow!  Track the bricks you’ve laid and the number of days you’ve worked on it!

Of course, you can do this in your journal but I love using the Amazing Essentials App. The convenience of having everything in one place makes it easier to stick to the habit of habit tracking. Plus, it keeps me from slipping because it has a handy chart that shows me my progress. And once I’m on a roll I don’t want to break the chain!

6. Get Specific and Set Reminders

It’s very helpful to be super specific not only about what you’re going to do but also about when you’ll do it! 

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It’s easiest to start something new if you add it into an established routine.  And it’s even easier if it’s in your morning routine when you’re most likely to be on auto pilot.  But if that isn’t an option, be sure to create reminders!  Setting an alarm on your phone can really help you stick to your plan.  Just know that when that alarm goes off you need to stop what you’re doing and complete the task.  I like to give myself an alarm for 10 minutes before as well so I can wrap up whatever else I might be working on.

Whatever you do though, always schedule your must difficult, important or frustrating task first.  We all have certain things we just don’t like to do.  Get it over with, that will make everything else feel easier and eliminate the sense of dread and temptation for avoidance!

7. Focus on Progress Over Perfection

Every bit of progress you make get’s you closer to your goal!  If it isn’t perfect that’s ok!  That’s not the point!  Stop overwhelming yourself with the standard of perfection!  Your goal is to do better and be better than before!  It takes time to grow and change!  Be patient with yourself!

Treat yourself like you would your child, loved one or best friend!  Give yourself the same grace and kindness.  Don’t push yourself to unattainable goals or unreasonable standards!

You may need to reassess your plan and break it down smaller if you feel pressure to be achieving perfection!  Do it!

8. Compete Only with Yourself

Your goal each day, each week, each month and each year should be becoming a better you!  NOT better than anyone else.  Simply better than you were before!  Set out to improve and grow!  Compete with yourself and only yourself. 

Do NOT compete or compare yourself with anyone else!  Their journey is theirs! This might mean that you need to take a social media break.  You may even have to adjust who you spend time with!  Competition and comparison with others will hold you back and steal your joy!

9. Celebrate EVERYTHING

Celebrate your small victories and improvements!  Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your goal!  Create small milestones that you can celebrate!  If you accomplish the unexpected or learn something new, do something extra special (or at least brag on yourself)!

Keep an accomplishment journal so you can see evidence of how far you’ve come!  Write everything down!  If you do one more jumping jack or make one more cold call put it in your journal!  Be proud of all you’ve accomplished so far!

10. Reward Yourself

Do something tangible to reward yourself at specific intervals!  Be sure that this reward doesn’t undermine your ultimate goal!  For example, if you’re trying to get healthy reward yourself with a bath, massage or pedicure rather than an ice cream sundae.

Incremental rewards give us something to work towards and help us to stay motivated!

And of course, don’t forget to plan a BIG reward when you meat your ultimate goal!  Treat yourself to a weekend vacay or staycay after all that hard work!  Buy the new dress you’ve been eyeing.  Throw a party!  Whatever it is, do something really nice for yourself to celebrate your big accomplishment!

11. Create a Support System

Find a partner or seek accountability!  This can not only make the task more fun but give you people who will check in on you and offer support when you need it most!  They will believe in you when your own faith faulters.  They’ll be cheering you on along the way!

Having proof that it can be done is worth it’s weight in gold!  Instead of comparing yourself and being envious find inspiration from those who’ve gone before you! The more people you can surround yourself with who’ve already accomplished the goal you’re working on the better!  Pick their brains and find out how they got there.  Don’t know anyone who’s been successful at what you’re setting out to do?  Well, that’s what the internet and your library card are for! 

Virtual friends totally count! If you’re looking for a community that will encourage and support you check out Your Amazing World Facebook Group. It’s FILLED with like minded, positive people who are committed to the same process you are. Plus it has tons of free trainings and resources to help you accomplish your goals!

Start Fresh

No matter how many times you’ve set out to accomplish your goals or how many times you’ve faltered give yourself a fresh start!  I guarantee you won’t get there if you spend half of your time beating yourself up for past failures!  This time will be different because now you know the secrets to staying motivated!  You have the tools you need!  So, start fresh, TODAY!!!

Need a little extra help getting started? No worries… schedule your free discovery call today!

Share this with everyone you’re cheering for!  Help them stay motivated and find success! 

  • Such great tips, I know a lot of people could really benefit from reading this list. This time of year everyone is giving up their NY goals and feeling like failures. This article is perfectly timed to hopefully help some people stay motivated!

    • It’s so hard to stick to new year’s resolutions. They are often so huge and vague. I really had to devise these tips to keep myself on track so I thought I should share.

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