June 10


5 Habits for a Happy Summer

By Cassie

June 10, 2024

summer habits

Summer has finally arrived and for families with school aged kids this means many, MANY, (maybe too many) hours to fill with fun. It can be easy to over or under do it during the summer months and when this happens we feel often feel disappointed about how we spent that time. Just me? Creating summer habits can help you get the most out of your days, make special memories, and keep sight of your priorities without the exhaustion or overwhelm.

1. Get Outside

The benefits of spending time outdoors are too numerous to count (and pretty shocking). Create a summer habit of getting outside at least once a day (preferably for about 20 minutes). Whether you’re simply enjoying your morning coffee on the patio, playing with the kids, or going for a walk, time outside will improve your mood and both your mental and physical health!

2. Open the Windows

Bring the outside in by getting some fresh air in the house! You can significantly reduce indoor air pollution (yep, it’s a thing) by simply making a summer habit of opening your windows. I prefer to do this in the evening when it’s cooled off a bit, but to each their own. There’s nothing like a cool summer breeze to facilitate a good night’s sleep.

3. Schedule Quiet Time

I know for some of you this might sound absolutely impossible. After all, I’m a mom of 5 so I definitely understand the daunting task of keeping the kids occupied. However, it’s important to remember that boredom is extremely important for brain development. Be sure to make a habit of scheduling independent quiet time every day. And not just for the kids, for you too! Grab a book, spend some time meditating, or throw a blanket down and look at the stars. Summer is the perfect time to get some extra self-care and unwind and relax a bit!

4. Eat Local

Eating local is a BIG deal! It’s better for your health, the environment, and your local economy and there’s no easier time to do it than in the summer. Make a habit of hitting your local farmers market or pick your own farm this summer. Whether you go once a month, once a week, or every day, you’ll be glad you did (and your pocketbook will thank you too).

5. Keep It Simple

While you may be tempted to fill your summer days with outings and adventure, for a happy summer, your best bet is to keep it simple. Create a summer habit of removing something from your plan or to do list every week. If you have the time and energy you can always add it back in or enjoy some spontaneous fun.

Making your summer as happy and fun as possible doesn’t mean wall to wall activities and adventures. It’s really about the simple things, time to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and spend time with those you love most. These 5 simple summer habits will help you do just that so you can get the most out of your summer this year… the easy way!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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