August 16


5 Unique Fun Ways to Get Active as a Family

By Cassie

August 16, 2021

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Who said that exercise has to be grueling and painful???  Oh… wait… was it that “no pain, no gain” guy???  Y’all, I don’t even know his name and I’m pretty sure it’s because once that took off and people started getting injured and / or quitting he took his name off the quote!  The truth is the best exercise you can possibly engage in is the exercise you enjoy or find rewarding and will stick to.  And, when you can get your family in on it it’s even better (can anyone say “instant accountability”).  So, get ready to enjoy some new adventures and create new memories.  Check out these uber fun ways to get active as a family!!!

1. Take a Hike

There’s nothing quite like time spent in nature.  A family hike is an excellent way to unplug, create connection, and improve health overall.  (Did you know time spent n nature has profound health benefits across the board?  Find out more here.)  In addition, time spent in nature creates meaningful connection and appreciation for the environment (hello, sustainability).  There is no minimum age or experience level for this family fun, and it requires minimal equipment which makes it super easy to get active as a family.  So, grab a great pair of hiking boots and a camelback or bottle of water and hit the trails.  (I do recommend you stick to those trails if you’re new to hiking). 

2. Go for a Ride

Bike riding is fun for all and offers such a feeling of freedom.  Whether you’re riding to the local store or park or getting adventurous on wooded trails you’re sure to have a ton of fun while being an active family!  Just be sure to wear a helmet and follow all road rules.

3. Reach for the Sky

Test your limits by taking the family rock climbing.  There are so many amazing opportunities to try out this sport, even for novices.  Check out your local gym or even a sporting goods store or rec center and get ready for some gravity defying fun!  Many gyms will even allow you to take belaying classes so you can take turns supporting each other in climb.

Alternatively, high ropes courses are all the rage and opening up all over the country.  This gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a variety of ways both physically and mentally and it’s such a bonding experience.

Rock climbing and high ropes courses don’t require any special equipment and you can often enjoy a session in an hour or two any time of year. If your family is a little more daring this is an awesome way to get active.

4. Capture Memories

Scavenger hunts are one of my favorite things EVER!  Maybe I spent too much time watching movies like Goonies as a child and this is the closest I can get to a real life treasure hunt.  If you’re thinking this is WAY to hard to set up, think again!  This can be as simple as each person in the family writing something that needs to be found or done and photographed in order to win.  So… it could be as simple as find a flat rock the size of your palm or take a picture of one of your team members in a tree. 

There’s no reason not to make your movement fun and discover your neighborhood at the same time!

5. The Good Ole Days

Get everyone in the family active! How many of you have heard of games like red light, green light, mother may I, or capture the flag?  These are the games of my childhood and even my parent’s childhood and it’s sad that they are almost lost to younger generations.

Ask some of the more seasoned (older) members of your family to share some of their favorite games and give them a try.  This is a great way to get in a shorter, fun workout session (yes, workouts can be fun).  Get ready to laugh hysterically and create generational connections.

A few simple ideas to get you started…

  • Simon Says
  • Jump Rope
  • Water Wars
  • Tag (or flashlight tag… the night version)

Bonus:  Create Connections

So… I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it’s always super fun to get your neighbors or family in on your plan!  Invite them on your hikes and bike rides, get them climbing with you.  And seriously, creating scavenger hunt teams is SO fun.  And there’s nothing like an old-time neighborhood game night (you need lots of players for capture the flag, but I’ll let your mom or grandma tell you all about that).

Get Active

If you’re wondering exactly where to get started with this action plan (pun SO intended), I’ll make it super easy for you!  Consider creating a family activity list (or even a jar) during your family meeting and let everyone share their favorite movement ideas. Take turns trying out each other’s adventures so you can find the ones your family loves and looks forward to the most.  Spoiler alert… some will be complete duds… that’s ok, you still get points for trying!

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What’s your favorite family activity?

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