March 7


5 Ways the Small Step Method Can Help You Lead a Happier, Healthier Life

By Cassie

March 7, 2022

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As the creator of The Small Step Method, I often get asked how it works and in what areas of life.  My answer is always the same… ALL OF THEM.  I know that might not make sense and even seem a little far fetched.  But it’s true.  The Small Step Method is ideal for holistic self-improvement.  It helps you accomplish your goals in a sustainable way inside your real life.  Because as a wife, mother of 5, business owner, and person with chronic health and mental illness, I know it’s essential to pursue your goals inside your real life.  It’s not like everything else stops and you certainly don’t get more time or energy when you set out on a self-improvement journey.  If you want to lead a happier, healthier life and accomplish your goals, check out the 5 BIG ways The Small Step Method can help you.

1. Household, Time & Money Management (The Practical Stuff)

Oftentimes we can’t maintain our goal work because we are living in a state of chaos and I get it… managing all the things is tough. 

This is the part of our lives where it’s easiest see and apply small steps. But often we bite off more than we can chew and take on all the things at once (we go big).  We create an endless to-do list that includes shopping, cleaning, cooking, balancing the checkbook, attending PTA meetings and much more.  We become so overwhelmed with our overcrowded calendars and lists. And we have no idea where to start or how we could possibly get it all done.  When we fail to fold all the laundry, run to the grocery store, bath the kids, clean the house, and make a healthy meal (all insta photo worthy mind you) we feel like failures. We beat ourselves up.  I know… I’ve tried… and the truth is I just felt like I was falling further and further behind no matter how hard I worked.

So, let me ask you, how would your life look different if you made one small commitment in your household maintenance, time, or money management?  What if that one commitment was totally doable in your everyday life?  What if doing it made you feel energized and successful?  Can you imagine how much better you would feel? How that would impact your life and your ability to get the other things on your list accomplished?

That’s what The Small Step Method does.  It helps you create practical habits that are easy to maintain so you can get out from under that pile of overwhelm and lead a happier, healthier life.  Getting intentional about the way you balance your practical responsibilities is imperative to creating balance in your life overall.  You don’t have to do everything all at once, or all by yourself, or at all for that matter.  It’s far more important that you establish long term sustainable and intentional systems. These activities then become second nature, no longer requiring extensive time and attention. 

2. Business & Work (The Financial Success Stuff)

Earning an income is an ever-present pressure.  Even if you love your job or business there are things you sometimes don’t enjoy quite as much. Work can feel stressful and overwhelming just like any other part of your life.  Implementing The Small Step Method in your professional life can help you build and scale your business. It can also help you earn promotions and pay increases at work.  We’ve even seen The Small Step Method empower and equip our program participants to confidently make drastic career changes and improvements. 

Feeling confident and valued at work increases job satisfaction and earning potential. This is true whether you work for someone else or in your own business.  Creating intention around how you perform your duties, connect with your co-workers, increase your skills and knowledge, and seek support from your peers and superiors improves your performance. Which creates more professional options and opportunities.  But taking on all this at once is sure to lead to The Sunday Scaries, burnout, and decreased performance.  That’s why it’s so important to apply The Small Step Method in your work life.  Creating repeatable (and duplicatable) habits, behaviors, systems, and activities can turn even the most tedious of tasks into something enjoyable and meaningful.

I’ve successfully utilized The Small Step Method to build an online business (despite my tech challenges), differentiate my offering, facilitate a healthy corporate culture, and create work / life balance (even though my husband also works for UA).  Within 1 year I’ve built a team (who also utilize The Small Step Method in their work and personal lives). And we’ve successfully launched our program and app, and started a podcast.  You’d be hard pressed to find a large, long standing organization that could accomplish so much in only 1 year. We’ve been able to do it all taking 1 small step in the right direction every day.  Those small steps really add up without the risk of overwhelm and burnout. That’s why The Small Step Method is so impactful to your work and / or business.

3. Health (The Physical Stuff)

Even if achieving optimal health and / or weight loss isn’t a goal for you, your health requires consistent maintenance.  If you’re struggling with illness, lack of energy, or brain fog, every day life will be much harder (let alone taking on a new goal.)  That said, health doesn’t have to be an all or nothing diet or nutrition plan or 2 hours a day in the gym.  We can add some small steps to our everyday life that will not only help us maintain good health, so we are feeling our best, but also help us improve health or even lose weight.

The Small Step Method has been a HUGE benefit to me regarding my health.  Not only has it helped me overcome my chronic and mental illnesses, but it has even given me continued freedom.  It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve been truly ill in any way.  And I know The Small Step Method can work for you too. 

Whenever I say this about health in particular people are skeptical.  Having heard for your entire life that getting healthy or losing weight requires a major overhaul keeps you trapped in yo-yo dieting, body loathing, and poor health and self-esteem.  But here’s the thing… your health needs never go away, even after you’ve achieved recovery or lost that weight.  And maintenance it the most difficult thing of all because maintaining these drastic health habits is near to impossible.  The truth is that The Small Step Method not only works but is completely sustainable.  And guess what… you’re already taking small steps to manage your health that you probably don’t even notice, like brushing your teeth.  Imagine if maintaining your weight and overall health could be that simple. Implementing The Small Step Method is the key to sustainably building a healthier, happier life.

4. Relationships & Emotions (The Touchy-Feely Stuff)

I know, I know… implementing a practical system or methodology for managing relationships and emotions seems a little mechanical and robotic.  But, if it helps you process your feelings in a healthy way, show up in your relationships the way you want to, and create the connections and confidence you’ve been longing for, why not!

I spent most of my life struggling with boundaries, stress, overwhelm, people pleasing, and so much more.  I was a dramatic emotional train wreck living under the polished surface of perfection.  And I have discovered that most people are.  While relationships and emotions are rarely cited as a big goal they are frequently cited as barriers or struggles.  I’m convinced that more people aren’t working on a goal in this area because they can’t imagine how to define it let alone do it.

But whether your big goal is related to relationships and emotions or not, these are enormous factors in your day-to-day life.  It’s near to impossible to accomplish your goals or live a happier, healthier life without carefully maintaining your relationships and emotional state.

The Small Step Method is so flexible and dynamic that it can be used for anything, including relationship and emotional goals.  Even the most intangible of lifestyle factors and goals can be sustainably supported by deliberate foundational choices and small intentional actions that become habit. 

5. Mindset & Self-Awareness (The Stuff That Matters Most)

Mindset and self-awareness changes are byproducts of The Small Step Method.  It doesn’t even matter if you are trying to work on these areas or not, you will reap incredible benefits.  And if you choose to focus your small steps on this area you will be doubly benefited.

Everything about The Small Step Method from beginning to end is designed to have long term positive impact on mindset and self-awareness.  Because Henry Ford was right and it’s true in every part of your life “whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.”  Believing you can and that you deserve success is just as important (if not more) as taking tangible steps to create the life you want and accomplish your goals. 

When I first started utilizing what would later become The Small Step Method in my life, I had no idea what “mindset” was.  I had been way too stressed, overwhelmed, and buried to even think about self-awareness.  But what I did know is that I felt wholly unworthy and unable to accomplish my goals.  I had tried many times in my life and had never accomplished a single long-term goal.  I’d become convinced that I just couldn’t do it and given up on even setting goals. 

Let me tell you… that’s a pretty miserable way to live.  And when I realized that I needed purpose in my life but also needed to feel proud of myself along the way The Small Step Method was born.  And here’s the thing… it helps you accomplish your goals and manage your real life, and it drastically improves your mindset and self-awareness. So not only do you know what you want but you also know you deserve it. 

What Are You Waiting for?

The Small Step Method is a complete game changer!  It can be applied to every single area of your life and help you accomplish your goals. And it will always nurture your self-esteem, self-worth, and sense of worthiness.  Unlike other techniques that rely on white knuckle willpower and extreme self-discipline, The Small Step Method relies on empowerment and grace.  Because we know that willpower and discipline are fleeting and easily interrupted. But self-confidence, resilience, self-worth and purpose, are lasting powerful motivators.  Plus… who doesn’t want more of that! 

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The Small Step Method requires no existing skills, experience, or mindset.  No matter how frustrated, overwhelmed, or busy you are, or how many times you’ve failed or quit, The Small Step Method will work for you.  I know, because that’s where I was when I started and it worked for me (and works for my clients too).  You deserve joy, you deserve to feel purposeful, capable and empowered every day when you wake in the morning and proud every night when you go to bed.  Create the happier, healthier life of your dreams using The Small Step Method. 

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