December 18


50 Tips for the Happiest Holidays: Christmas Edition

By Cassie

December 18, 2023

christmas, Happy Holidays

Christmas and the holiday season in general are expected to be filled with joy and magic. But there’s so much to do that it can be tough to determine what will really bring the most happiness and contentment. Check out these 50 tips to make the holidays extra special this year.

  1. Just say no, don’t attend or host events that don’t bring you joy
  2. Respect gifting requests
  3. Create and communicate boundaries
  4. Prioritize memory making over spending
  5. Create and stick to your budget
  6. Reduce cleaning and routine activities
  7. Buy new scissors
  8. Set up a table for wrapping
  9. Watch movies while wrapping
  10. Enjoy your favorite holiday treats, guilt free
  11. Host or attend a casual, low pressure party (cookie baking or exchange, wrapping party, white elephant)
  12. Watch holiday movies
  13. Drink hot cocoa
  14. Make a wish list and communicate what you want
  15. Enlist someone else to fill your stocking
  16. Stay home on Christmas eve or Christmas day
  17. Put up your tree and decorations whenever you want to (or not at all)
  18. Get yourself a Christmas gift
  19. Bonus:  wrap that gift, tuck it away and put it under the tree on Christmas Eve to surprise yourself
  20. Decorate as much or as little as you like and can
  21. Carry on or create only the traditions you love
  22. Let your house be messy for at least a week or two
  23. Play with your kids
  24. Get plenty of rest and nourish yourself well
  25. Make time for mini self-care
  26. Go easy on the alcohol
  27. Carry a water bottle and snack with you at all times (if you’re looking for something to warm you up try herbal tea)
  28. Lean into one pot meals, soups, and meal delivery kits
  29. Take less pictures and be present in the moment
  30. When taking pictures, capture candid moments instead of posed
  31. Give your elf on the shelf a sick day or two
  32. Christmas with kids is a team sport… work together to make the magic happen
  33. Allow yourself to experience the feelings you have (the holidays can be tough, that’s ok)
  34. Be flexible and open to change
  35. Determine what matters most to you and focus on that
  36. Do something kind for someone else
  37. Volunteer
  38. Be patient and kind to service and retail workers
  39. Bake or make something
  40. Shop local
  41. Block triggering social media content
  42. Start a Christmas journal (write your favorite memories and traditions)
  43. Go to a Christmas church service or community pageant or dance recital.
  44. Connect with the people you love.
  45. Reconnect with an old friend
  46. Lower your expectations
  47. Listen to Christmas music
  48. Make gingerbread houses
  49. Put out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.
  50. Just skip it… though it might seem otherwise, Christmas is not a mandatory event.
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