August 18


6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Different Season

By Cassie

August 18, 2020

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We were all caught off guard this past spring when the whole world came to a screeching halt!  There was no time to prepare and no time to make the necessary adjustments to our schedule, traditions and most importantly mindset.  For most of us this change was unwelcome at best and for some downright devastating.  We may not want to think about what may happen this fall and winter, or the possibility of another quarantine.  But being prepared will make it so much easier to manage.  The only trouble is, how to prepare yourself for a different season!  Start checking off the tasks on this list to get you ready for whatever may be coming your way!

1. Set a Schedule

There may be many unknowns out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a schedule for yourself and your family.  Having routines, you’re familiar with helps you build new habits and makes you more resilient.  It gives you something you can control in the face of chaos.  Plus, it helps free up much needed time to get all the extra things on your list done… you know, homeschooling the kids or cooking meals!

Things to Consider Adding to Your Schedule

In addition to your usual tasks and the potential new demands on your time you may want to add some healthy habits into your schedule that are sure to help you stay on track and feel incredible.  Try to add some things from this list to keep you feeling your absolute best!

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Self-Care
  • Exercise
  • Outdoor Time
  • Morning / Bedtime Routine

Additional Resources

If you’re wondering where to begin or how to create a schedule that works for you and your family get your free Awesome Routine Builder printable from the Member’s Only Library.  It also provides you with templates for building your ideal morning and bedtime routine!

In late September our subscribers will also be receiving the Mind box which includes tools specifically designed to help you create your ideal schedule and prioritize your time.  And of course, we’ll be digging deep into this in the community with coaching, accountability and support! I hope you’ll join us!

2. Stock Your House

No, I don’t mean buy more toilet paper!  But… if you don’t have a back up package you might want to pick one up next time you’re at the store, just in case!

What I’m talking about here is stocking your house with things you need to maintain a positive mind, body, and soul! 

In addition to the usual school supplies you may want to buy some craft sets to try out.  Consider grabbing journals or get a family notebook started to leave each other positive encouraging notes.  One per kid is even more fun!  Get a few books, board games or puzzles that will challenge your mind, pass time, and help quell anxiety.  And self-care items are a must have!  Bath salts, essential oils, and even a nice bottle of nail polish in your favorite color are essential if we go into quarantine again.

Having some go-to items and activities in the house will make it much easier to come up with things to do to keep yourself healthy and well.  You’ll have a WAY better option to reach for your than cookies, chips and alcohol!  Your future self will thank you!  And, the best part is, if we don’t end up in lockdown again, you’ll still be able to use your goodies.  Plus, you’ll be more likely to do so if you already have them!

3. Make a Plan

I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of this so I’m just going to put it out there.  During quarantine all the major studios shut down.  What do I mean?  Well, none of your favorite shows are being produced!  Who knows how long this may interrupt our regular programming!

So, when you quarantine in the fall you won’t have Tiger King to look forward to or your go to faves and you definitely won’t be tuning into any reality TV.  I’ll miss you, Real Housewives!!!

Rather than spending your time binging Netflix now create a list that you can refer to in the event of a shut down.  And instead, head outside!  Getting plenty of sun and fresh air is good for your immune system and your mental health (among other things). 

Making a plan to get out as much as possible now and connect with others needs to be at the top of your list.  Then start thinking about what you’re going to do if there is another shutdown. 

Seriously though…

Obviously I pointed out the most minor thing on your list first because hey, making a plan for what you’ll watch is a lot easier than figuring out who’s going to do the shopping, watch and homeschool the kids, or clean the house when telecommuting is going on! 

Learn from what happened last time and start thinking about this now.  It’s a good habit to get into anyway to share the mental and physical load of running a household.  In our house this is a weekly conversation.  I’m happy to report that it has gone incredibly well.  My husband offered to take over the shopping during the last quarantine (chivalry?), he’s good at it and liked it so to this day he’s still doing it weekly!  WOOHOO for me!

4. Change Your Mindset

Mindset changes can’t wait!  Don’t skip or skim over this important step.

I’m not suggesting that you pretend everything is fine and ignore your concerns, frustrations, or fears.  What I am saying though is this is the perfect opportunity to cultivate coping skills to deal with challenging situations and the way they impact your thoughts and feelings. 

The truth is life isn’t happening to you AND it’s also not happening for you.  It’s simply happening.  You get to decide what it means!  You get to choose how you think, feel and react. 

The circumstances we’ve been facing this year are definitely difficult, complicated, and unprecedented.  But we face challenging things everyday and have in the past as well.  Taking this time to work on your mindset will only benefit you.  It’ll help you develop much needed coping mechanisms, embrace abundance. and propel you toward accomplishing your goals! 

5. Embrace New Traditions

Easter just wasn’t the same this year.  We didn’t go to church or gather for dinner as we usually do and forget about community egg hunts!  Making the best of holidays became an ongoing topic of conversation on every social media channel.  People shared their best ideas for making birthdays, Memorial Day, Ramadan and other holidays special and connected.  This fall and winter will be no different and with arguably the biggest American holidays occurring back to back to back it may be a tough one!

Everything about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s will look a lot different this year whether we’re in quarantine or not.  Planning new traditions is likely a must!

You may want to consider having a virtual Thanksgiving or a potluck so no one person is footing the bill for the whole family.   Likewise, Christmas may need to look a bit different with secret Santa’s, handmade gifts, or shopping budgets.  Sending presents through the mail and organizing a zoom call might also be an option you need to consider.  And New Year’s… well, no matter what happens I think it’s safe to say big indoor parties and trips will be a no go.

Consider embracing some new traditions…

  • Make crafts and cards for family and friends.
  • Send some to deployed soldiers.
  • Make quarantine care packages for those who are isolated and lonely.
  • Make holiday care packages or essentials kits for the homeless.
  • Read a favorite story every night as a family.
  • Binge watch holiday movies between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  • Try new holiday recipes.
  • Make favorite dinner, breakfast, or brunch for a holiday meal instead of the standard fare.
  • Get some sparkling cider or champagne and toast in the new year with your family or through a zoom call.
  • Make vision boards on New Year’s Eve and set a date to share them with each other.

You can do this!  You can be creative and make the holidays amazing.  And who knows, you just might find a new tradition you love so much that it sticks for generations to come!

6. Create Meaningful Connections

Isolation was lonely for some and stressful for others.  Whether you live alone or not it can be challenging to be insulated from your wider circle.  Even the happiest of marriages began to feel the strain of being cooped up together with no other outlet for months on end.  And those living alone longed for any connection, even a spat with a spouse would’ve been welcome!

Now is the time to create meaningful connections both with the ones you love and with a supportive community.

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

This is the time to make sure that everyone in the family has the technology they need to stay in touch and knows how to use it.  Yes… anyone can learn how these days!  They’ve made connection devices easier than ever!  Getting grandma set up so you can safely chat with her on video at least a couple times a month could make all the difference not just to her mood but to her life and health span. 

Making a weekly or bi-weekly brunch date with friends whether virtual or in person will get you in the habit of taking the time to connect.  Now is the time to get this set up.  If we head back into quarantine, it’ll be difficult to juggle getting new things into your schedule and making new habits.  After all, most of us weren’t just sitting at home with nothing to do and when we were, we lacked to motivation to do it.  You’ll be glad you have a standing meet up with your loved ones! 

Finding a Community

In addition to that, find an online community that will help you stay on track with your goals, encourage you, and offer accountability.  Of course, you know I run one and you’re welcome to join but I’m not the only one.  There are plenty of free communities where you can simply connect with other like-minded people without the additional coaching features.  Join them now so you can see what they have to offer.  Some are excellent while others are filled with sales pitches and doom and gloom.  Choose one that keeps things positive and poignant.  You’ll be glad you did!

You’ve Got This

Save it! Share it! Pin it!

Know this… whatever the next season holds… you’ve got this!  This isn’t your first time going through something challenging.  It won’t even be your first time going through this!  You’ve learned a lot, you’ve grown, and you’re more than capable of taking on this next challenge whatever it may be. 

  • Thanks for these tips! I’ve found that my self-care has had to pivot a lot right now. And I had to develop a new sense of what self-care is, even. I notice I need it more, too, and I have to be gentle with myself in that regard.

    Community/connections are so vital right now, too! It’s what keeps me going in online spaces.

    Also, you reminded me to check my other email which is where I get your newsletter. Looks like I missed some cool stuff.

    • I’m so glad you’re emphasizing self-care and being open to new approaches. This has been an exceptionally trying year. I think everyone could use a little extra TLC!

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