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7 Powerful Ways to Reconnect With Your Intuition

With all the chaos of everyday life and the unending number of expectations we’re all trying to live up to, it’s easy to lose track of yourself in all the noise.  But in order to become our best selves and build our best lives we need to reconnect.  We need to know what moves us, what brings us joy, what we truly want out of life, and so much more!  All the answers we seek to living a fulfilling life already lie within us.  Possibly buried so deeply that we can no longer hear the whispers of our heart, but they are still there!  These whispers are the voice of our deepest and truest self.  They are our intuition.  And it’s time to learn how to reconnect with your intuition so you can move forward to live a more meaningful, fulfilling and authentic life! 

1. Build Boundaries to Protect Your Heart

Creating good boundaries is likely the most important thing on this list.  And here’s the truth, if you don’t have them, you’re really going to struggle to do anything else you find in this post.  Why?  Well, you won’t have the time or energy necessary.  If you want other people or the messages of the world as a whole dictating your life rather than your own inner voice, proceed as usual but if you’re done with that you’re going to need to start by creating boundaries!

Here’s the thing, you are the only one who has to live your life and your truth.  So, other people’s opinions, demands, and expectations don’t matter.  And the same goes for your judgments and comparisons!  It’s time to create physical and mental boundaries that cut out the background noise and help you reconnect with your intuition!

Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries are generally boundaries related to your body and in this case, I’m also talking about boundaries related to your time.

You have the time you need to do everything you have to get done.  It’s all about prioritizing that time.  That likely means saying “no” a lot more than you typically do!  As I discuss in the first volume of my prompted journal, saying “no” is a kindness to yourself and others!  When you don’t say “no” you spread yourself too thin, have too little to give yourself or anyone else, and your yes becomes meaningless.  Only commit to doing things that support your goals, are essential, or that you truly enjoy!  Take the time to think before agreeing to anything!
You decide where you spend your time and what you do.  Taking back control of your body and schedule will help you find the peace you need to eliminate distraction so you can reconnect with your intuition. 

Mental Boundaries

Who’s living in your head rent free?  Whose voice do you hear judging or condemning you?  It’s time to shut that down!  Whether you’ve learned to talk to yourself in negative ways or someone in your life speaks to you like this you need to eliminate it. 

When it comes to self-talk I like to ask myself this question “would I talk to my best-friend like this”.  If the answer is no… that thought has to go!  I’ll create an affirmation to focus on and repeat anytime the thought crops up! 

If it’s someone else feeding negativity into your life, its time to take action.  Talk to them about it, create some distance, or if it isn’t something that can be resolved go no contact.  Preserving your wellbeing and state of mind need to be your top priorities. 

Social Media

Social media can be a great way to stay connected and create relationships.  And the media as a whole can be an excellent source of entertainment and inspiration.  But if you find yourself struggling with comparison, judgement, or any other stress related to these, it’s time to make a change.  Hide or unfollow people whose posts tend to get you down and avoid media that’s causing more harm than good.  Monitoring your consumption can help you minimize thoughts and feelings that interfere with your ability to tune in and reconnect with yourself.

Avoid Over-stimulation

Setting boundaries allows you to cut back on outside stimulation.  It’s important to give yourself the quiet time and space you need to reconnect.  You can’t do that when you’re in constant hustle mode, running in 10 different directions or sucked into negativity, comparison or judgement!  That’s like trying to do homework with everything in your house turned on, the volume at full blast and everyone talking to you at once.  Give yourself a much-needed break!  Create boundaries!

2. Spend Time Outdoors

Time outdoors works wonders on our bodies, minds, and souls.  The lack of tech distraction gives us the opportunity to listen to our own thoughts and distance ourselves from the chaos of the world around us.  It’s particularly helpful if we can not only get outside, but also get out in nature rather than simply on a busy city sidewalk. 

Your deepest self remembers its connection to nature.  And heading out into it is like giving your intuition a megaphone!  Think about how incredible the world around you is!  And remember, you are part of that world.  All that beauty, all that purpose, all that greatness lies within you as well.  Reflect on that.  Soak it all in.  And learn to appreciate yourself.

For an added boost, try something that challenges you.  Climb a tree, go for a swim, or take a hike!  Participating in a challenging outdoor adventure is sure to boost your self-confidence and help you trust yourself more.  Not only listening to but following intuition is a lot easier when you trust yourself!

3. Get to Know Yourself

Speaking of self-doubt, one of the biggest interferences in our ability to reconnect with our intuition is the seeds of self-doubt created by our interactions with others.  And I don’t mean just those we know or our haters.  I mean the random stranger on insta who seems to have it all together all the time!  Here’s the truth… no one is doing this to you, you’re doing it to yourself!  You’re allowing comparison or the negative energy and actions of others to impact your thoughts and feelings.  It’s really your choice. 

Not spending enough time alone with yourself makes you fertile ground for whatever seed blows your way!  Which is sure to distract you from your own inner voice!  You need to take the time to reconnect with yourself.  You need to cut the background noise!

Block out time every day for a little alone time.  No tech, no social media, no distractions.  You can enjoy a walk, some journaling, or some meditation.  Just do it alone and quietly.  This may take a while to get used to but even just a couple minutes a day is a great place to start.

Give yourself the time to think your own thoughts, to observe your own feelings, and to hear your own voice.  This will not only help you reconnect with your intuition, but it will also fortify you to face the demands and challenges of the world around you.  It’ll help you live with intention and integrity!

4. Journaling for Deeper Insight

One of the easiest ways to connect with our intuition is to start journaling.  And, no, I don’t mean blogging or keeping an online diary.  There is a huge difference between typing and analog writing.  Digital journaling affects the brain differently than writing.  There’s just something about the screen and the distraction of typing that gets in the way of deep and meaningful access.  So, get out a pad of paper and start writing. 

Freestyle Journaling

For freestyle journaling any notebook will do and to be honest it can be best to just start with a plain school supply type binder or book.  There’s just something about a fancy journal that prevents writing rather than inspiring it.  In the store we all think we’ll get that beautiful book as an encouragement.  The treat of writing in something so lovely is sure to motivate us!  But what really happens is we get home and decide we need to think of something worthy to write in it.  Something that matches its external beauty.  We get all in our heads about the whole thing and end up never writing a single word in it!

Freestyle journaling isn’t about writing the right thing or something beautiful.  It’s about writing what’s meaningful, what’s on your mind, or what’s pressing on your heart.  Sometimes it’s about just venting and allowing yourself to do a brain dump.  Often when we go back and read what we’ve written we’ll find things that are very insightful, moving, or meaningful but that isn’t the goal.  The goal is to write unedited and unscripted so you can get a look at what’s happening inside you!

Prompted Journaling

Freestyle journaling can present a couple problems that are avoided by prompted journals. 

  • You just don’t know where to start or what to write.
  • You skim the surface and don’t dig deeply enough when you journal.

If you struggle to know what to write or find yourself simply documenting the events of the day, you might want to get your hands on a prompted journal!

When you have a prompted journal you always know what to write about.  No more wasting time staring at a blank page and wondering what you want to say!  Instead you’ll be answering pointed questions each day. 

And if you’ve invested in a quality prompted journal those questions will be leading somewhere.  They’ll be helping you reconnect with your intuition, plug into your deepest self, build confidence, emotionally regulate and create the life you dream of!  They will reveal things to you that you didn’t know or had long forgotten.  It’s like tuning into a radio station that was just static before!  In no time you’ll be hearing your inner voice loud and clear even when you aren’t doing your journal work. 

If you’ve never regularly journaled in the past or you feel like you’ve hit a wall I recommend starting with a quality prompted journal (Your Amazing World has a great one and community support and coaching to keep you going).  Once you’ve started working on a prompted journal, you’re likely to find that there’s a lot more you have to say than what there is space for in your journal.  Maybe one of the prompts leads down several trails for you or inspires more writing.  You may want to add freestyle journaling then!  And, once you’ve firmly established the habit of journaling, get one of those fancy books as a reward for all your hard work!

5. Free Your Body, Mind, & Soul with Movement

I don’t know how or when this happened, but we have become really disconnected from our bodies.  And disconnect anywhere creates disconnect everywhere.  Maybe you’re not quite ready to embrace your body and you need a little time to work on body love.  That’s ok, I get it!  You’re not alone!  Most people struggle with this, which is why I shared my 3 best tips to create body gratitude and affirmations in my newsletter this week!  But struggling doesn’t mean you can’t be working to reconnect!  And I’ve found that an excellent way to do this is through movement!

Discovering the strengths and abilities of our bodies is an excellent way to start appreciating them and movement helps with this.  Aiming for judgement free random movement is best.  One of my favorite examples of this is from the show Friends.  Remember how happy and connected Phoebe felt running as opposed to how Rachel felt.  The Phoebe method really works to help with not only physical fitness but connection.  Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not insisting on a Phoebe style run in Central Park but a free form solo dance party in your kitchen would be awesome!  Just get your body moving and try to remove expectations and judgement from the equation (ignore your ego)!  Let yourself experience freedom and in no time, you’ll be hearing your inner voice louder and clearer than ever before! Oh, and by the way, moving your body also helps increase happy hormones and decrease stress hormones.  When you feel good and release the burden of worry it’s much easier to reconnect with your intuition. 

6. Meditation is a Powerful Tool

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see meditation on this list! 

Meditation is essential to learning to reconnect with your intuition!  This is because it trains you in the ability to observe your own thoughts and create space for yourself.  I know, that might sound contradictory because the one thing most people believe about meditation is that you aren’t supposed to have thoughts at all.  Well, that would make it impossible, which is probably why so few people do it! 

Naturally when you set out to meditate all sorts of thoughts are going to pop up in your mind.  We rarely listen to ourselves so when we’re finally quiet our brain has a lot to tell us.  That’s ok!  There’s nothing wrong with that!  The trick is to observe them without judgement and let them go. 

In the beginning your thoughts will likely be things like “don’t forget to do the laundry”, “what should I buy at the grocery store this week”, or even “this is a stupid waste of time”.  Don’t fight it.  Don’t get into an internal shouting match about how you just can’t do it and it would be better to quit.  Simply acknowledge the thought then let it float away and bring your focus back to your breath. 

Eventually meditation will become easier.  The practice of meditation makes you more mindful of your own thoughts and needs all day, every day.  That means your mind doesn’t have to wait until you’re meditating to be heard.  Eventually the thoughts will quiet down during meditation time and make way for intuition to speak, which is often the quietest voice of all within us.

Set yourself up for success by creating the intention to meditate for only 1 – 2 minutes per day to start.  It doesn’t take 20 minutes plus to get the benefits of meditation.  Over time you’ll find you’re able to do it longer and you’ll be able to follow your own intuition about the duration and time of day that are best for your meditation practice.

7. Use Your Dreams

I’ve found that sleep is the easiest way to hone my ability to connect with my intuition.  Even if you don’t remember your dreams you can use them to reconnect to your inner self.

Before you go to bed at night take the time to breath deeply and relax.  No distractions, no screens, just you and your breath.  If you have a pressing challenge you’re facing and you’re looking for an answer you can ask your inner self while you’re breathing.  If not, simply relax into the moment. 

While you’re sleeping the logical, doubter part of your brain doesn’t function.  It’s the perfect time for your intuition to make its voice heard.

When you wake in the morning, you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and often inspired.  You may have an answer to your question.  You may feel at peace about your situation.  Or in the first moments of the morning you may hear your intuition speaking directly to you. 

Keep a dream journal or notebook next to your bed so you can write these early and sometimes fleeting ideas.  If you remember your dreams, write them too.  This will give you profound insight into your intuitive self!

Avoid Judgement

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If you’ve lost touch with your intuition, well, you’re not alone and you’re in very good company!  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Stop judging yourself and your every thought and action.  No one has ever claimed to find true happiness and peace by overthinking.  You can reconnect with your intuition!  And when you do, refrain from judgement about what it’s telling you!  Your intuition isn’t wrong, and it won’t lead you astray.  Accept it, accept the gifts it brings.  Following your intuition isn’t always easy but it does always serve you.  Embrace that fact before setting out to reconnect with your intuition and you’re sure to have success!

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