April 3


7 Tips to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Everyday!

By Cassie

April 3, 2023

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It can be very difficult in a culture that expects and cultivates sameness to be willing to stand out and be yourself.  Everywhere you look uniqueness and original thought are being stamped out.  But it’s exactly what humanity craves and I would argue, needs more than anything else.  We not only want to experience authenticity but to be authentic as well.  Still, while so many agree with this and long for it the pressure to fit in seems greater than ever.  So how can you show up as your authentic self, day in and day out.  How can you swim against the stream even if you feel like you’re doing it alone?  Check out these 7 tips to be authentically you!

1. Find Yourself

Well, you can hardly show up as your authentic self if you don’t know who that is.  Take the necessary time for self-discovery.  We spend much of our lives being told by others who we are and who we should want to be.  It can be challenging to find yourself with all the noise.  Many of us have completely lost touch with our authentic selves and our intuition.  It’s time to reconnect!

  • Start journaling
  • Go on solo dates
  • Find books and activities that bring you joy
  • Write yourself letters
  • Take a trip down memory lane.

2. Discover Your Why

Knowing why it’s important to you to show up as your authentic self can be just the motivation you need to do it.  You may not be aware but other people are counting on you.  As much as it seems like it would be easier to go with the flow, the world needs your unique voice and talents.  Your kids need you to set the example that they are worthy and enough just the way they are.  And your friends and family need to be inspired by your courage!  But most importantly, you need to live a full life.  You need to leave your mark.  To make your impression and to enjoy every fleeting moment of your life!

What is your reason for living as authentically as possible?  Figure it out and it’s sure to help you stay on the right track even when it gets tough or you feel lost!

3. Practice Positive Affirmations

Guess what… you’re as perfect as any person can be!  That’s right, you, right now!  Recognizing how special, important, and worthy you are makes it SO much easier to show up as your authentic self every day!  Plus, daily affirmations help remind you of exactly who you are!

Whether you write them in your journal or post them on your mirror, never skip your daily affirmations!  That’s like trying to run a marathon on an empty stomach!  Nourish your soul!  Remind yourself of your greatness and it will be much easier to bless everyone else with your incredible authentic presence.

4. Set Boundaries and Say No

Don’t get sucked into what other people want you to do, say, or be!  Hold true to yourself.  Minimize the time you spend with people who drain your energy or encourage you to be untrue to yourself.  Understand that it’s ok to love someone unconditionally, from afar!  Even those you love the most or those who love you the most may struggle or feel confronted by your authenticity.  That doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong.  Establish clear boundaries about what you expect in your relationships to keep yourself from slipping into people pleasing which is a sure way to lose track of your authentic self.

And seriously… do everyone a favor and just say “no”.  Saying yes to every request does 3 things.  Firstly, it spreads you way to thin and robs you of your joy.  Second, it suffocates your authentic self.  And third, it makes your “yes” meaningless!  Think about it… would you rather have someone say yes to you because they genuinely want to or because they feel obligated and can’t say no?  That’s what I thought! It feels good to get a yes from a genuine place.  Be the person who gives that to others… always!

5. Create Meaningful Connections

You may not be surrounded by people who are comfortable with your authentic self or even the idea of living authentically.  That’s ok.  It doesn’t mean you need to write off everyone you know.  But you do need to find a community of like-minded people who will inspire and encourage you!  You can find this in real life but attending events that interest you or going to meet ups.  Or you can find it online!  It’s so authentically me to create a community for this purpose so of course I did and you’re welcome to join!  There are so many options out there!  You can join groups based on your interest in almost anything or simply your interest in personal growth and authentic living!  It’s time to get connected to people who inspire you and encourage you to show up as your authentic self!

6. Meditate

Meditation creates the quiet space we need in a busy and very loud world to reconnect with our soul and intuition.  Feeling that connection makes it much easier to show up as your authentic self every day. 

There’s nothing fancy about meditation so don’t be intimidated!  You don’t need to sit quietly for hours with your legs contorted and incense burning for it to count.  Even 2 minutes twice a day (I recommend when you wake and before bed) will do the trick.  Simply sit comfortably and focus on your breathing.  Be sure to take deep full breaths, fully expanding your stomach… no sucking in.  Allow your breath to cleanse your mind and soul.  Allow your thoughts to float away.  And simply enjoy the silence.  You can practice meditation anywhere anytime.  Stopping for a moment to breath deeply is a great way to prevent rash, regrettable behavior and maintain self-control.

7. Embrace the Hate

If you’re really showing up as your authentic self some people aren’t going to like it, or they won’t like you.  Yikes!!!  I know that can be hard to handle.  But the truth is showing up authentically is basically the opposite of people pleasing. 

I just want to take a moment to remind you that the only person who’s opinion of you matters is YOU!  You have to live with yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and choices everyday for the rest of your life.  Loving yourself and having integrity matter more than what anyone else thinks.  And the truth is you’ll find a lot more people who love you than who don’t.  Plus, keep in mind that those who love your charade don’t love the real you.  So, drop the act.  Nothing feels better than being seen and loved for who you really are!

As far as the haters go… well, flip the script!  Use their discouragement and trolling as evidence of your success.  You’re doing it!  You’re living authentically!  Not everyone is going to like it and that’s proof that you’re accomplishing your goal and showing up as your true self.  Yay you!!!

Take Care of Your Body, Mind, & Soul

If you want to show up as your authentic self every day, you’re going to have to take care of you in the best way you can.  That doesn’t mean eating a pack of Oreos while reading the latest Rachel Hollis book!  That means taking care of all of you!  Mind, Body, and Soul. 

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Give yourself time to rest, nourish your body, prioritize your time, and practice self-care.  Showing up authentically is challenging and caring for yourself the best way you can is imperative.  While we may differ in so many ways, one thing is true for all of us.  Our authentic selves are a beings full of love.  And love for others is rooted in love for ourselves.  It’s time to remember that and care for our minds, bodies, and souls so we can show up in the best possible way!  Don’t skimp… the world needs you!

Tell me something you do to reconnect with your true self or take care of yourself in the comments below! 

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