Move Your Body

This course will teach you how to create a lifelong exercise habits, help you identify the best exercise for you and even create and schedule your new routine so it fits inside your real life.  Included is video courses, a companion workbook, and homework and activities to help you create your ideal plan.

What's this course about?

Moving your body daily is essential to your health and lifespan. But what does that mean, what type of movement is best and has the biggest payoff? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the conflicting advice, cost, and time commitment related to exercise but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this course, you’ll learn the best practices for exercise and movement and create a routine you love and look forward to!

Course Overview:

  • Introduction: Create clarity and confidence regarding the type and amount of exercise you need to manage your health well!
  • Day 1:  Movement Basics – Movement – what are the benefits, how much do you need, and what is the best exercise?
  • Day 2: Movement Mindset – Identifying and unraveling negative movement mindsets can help you create clarity and freedom to build your new movement plan.
  • Day 3:  Finding What You Love – Let’s start thinking about what type of exercise might be best for you.
  • Day 4: Creating Your Routine – How to identify times of day that might work best, durations to consider, and how to get yourself moving.
  • Day 5:  Sticking With It – Find out how to maintain your exercise routines even when life gets busy or challenging.
  • Quiz – Test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Includes a printable Workbook with detailed explanations and thoughtful exercises and homework to enhance each daily lesson.