Overcoming Time Challenges

Some time management challenges go beyond traditional time management tips.  If you struggle with overscheduling, time blindness, mornings, or running late, you’ll find the essential specific tips here to address your unique needs.

What's this course about?

Some people struggle with challenges that go beyond traditional time management tips, leaving them feeling frustrated and alienated. Whether you’ve ever tried traditional time management tips or not this course will help you overcome the most common time management issues.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction: The most pervasive and difficult to address time management challenges.
  • Day 1:  Overscheduling – If you feel like your schedule is always packed and you need to create some breathing room you’ll learn how today!
  • Day 2: Time Blindness – If you struggle with time blindness you aren’t alone.  Find out what it is and what you can do to accommodate yourself well.
  • Day 3:  Running Late – Discover some impactful and simple tips that’ll help you show up on time for the things that matter most!
  • Day 4: Slow Starts – Learn how to recognize and work within your own natural rhythm so you can start your day off in the way that’s best for you.
  • Day 5:  Encouragement – Learn a few tips to help you navigate the pressures of time management so you can embrace your unique ways.
  • Quiz – Test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Includes a printable Workbook with detailed explanations and thoughtful exercises and homework to enhance each daily lesson.