June 25


A New Normal: Life After COVID-19

By Nici Owens

June 25, 2020

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I’m sure we all can agree that no one saw COVID-19 hijacking 2020. Though many of us are still at home, many cities have opened back up and resumed something similar to regular life. However, after going through the coronavirus pandemic, can life ever really go back to how it used to be? Can life ever really be the same after so many have had their lives, jobs, and sense of security taken? Maybe. To move forward, we must first acknowledge what has happened so far. Let’s talk about a new normal: life after COVID-19.


There are still millions of Americans on unemployment. Though I haven’t been to work in over two months, it is still so very odd to me. It wasn’t until more recently that I started to depend on one source of income. So, to go from that to being at home all day every day still feels odd. If you had told me this back in January, I most definitely would not have believed you. I was not prepared and had to adapt quickly. My partner and I sat down and figured out how we would budget our money as we deal with the unexpected.


Being in isolation has had ups and downs. I have learned some things about my partner that have surprised me. I have also learned different ways to co-exist. Now, I am a lot quicker than before to try to resolve issues. Honestly, I have had my petty moments and let a situation drag on longer than it had to. However, being in lockdown has shown me that that’s not going to fly if you plan to be together after the pandemic. So, to survive quarantine we learned to create space. I’ve learned the importance of healthy distance to keep us from biting each other’s heads off.

Death Tolls

Thousands of people all across the globe have been taken by coronavirus. This isn’t the most upbeat topic, but we must acknowledge it to move forward. People from all different walks of life, ages, sex, and race have been a victim to the virus. It has given us anxiety with its uncertainty and made us paranoid as it changed our way of life. It has always been necessary to wash your hands, but you’ll never forget when it could have meant your life.


As scary as things are, I have learned quite a bit during COVID-19. This unexpected situation has reminded us of the importance of savings. To prepare for the unexpected comes in handy in times like this. It provides a little peace of mind when you suddenly find yourself without a job. During isolation, I have learned the importance of setting aside your differences especially in times of hardship. Being in isolation with my partner has shown me some good and odd sides to my boyfriend that I might not have seen before.

Take Away

Will life ever be the same after the pandemic of 2020? No! I don’t see how it ever could be. That doesn’t mean that I am saying that we won’t settle into a sense of normalcy. What I am saying is that we will all remember the power of hand sanitizer. Some people will have a completely different outtake on life after this. After surviving something like this, you might be more cautious. Maybe it showed you how life can change in an instant and you should take more risk. Whatever the case, it would be hard to go back to life as if this never happened. The goal is for it to never happen again. I’m sure we will all be safer in life after COVID-19.

Do you think your life will return to normal after COVID-19? What life lessons have you gotten from this experience? Tell me about it in the comments!

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