January 8


5 Tips to Accomplish Goals Alone

By Cassie

January 8, 2024

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Trying to accomplish goals alone can be a tall order. When there is no one there to share in your successes or hold you accountable, staying motivated and on track can be extra challenging. Plus, not having anyone to help you with the demands of daily life so you can create the space, or find the time, energy and money you may need to invest in your goals adds a whole new layer of complication to the process. If you’re trying to accomplish your goals alone, well… you aren’t alone. Today I’m sharing my 5 best tips to help you get on track on stay on track even if you don’t have many (or any) people in your corner.

Why You’re Trying to Accomplish Goals Alone

We all find ourselves alone for different reasons. Maybe you are truly alone, no family or friends (or at least none near by). Or perhaps you’re alone but also not alone. Meaning you have people in your life but not people who you feel can or will be supportive. Whatever your reason, accomplishing goals alone is extra difficult. But, just because you’re starting out on your goal journey alone doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. So, I’ll be sharing not only how to do it alone but also a couple tips for how to find your cheering section (if that’s your preference).

1. Streamline

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is learning to let go. But it’s important to recognize that if your hands are already full and you don’t have someone else to hand something off too, you’ll need to set something down so you can embrace the new. In other words, you’re going to need to streamline.

That means making space in your life and freeing up the resources you need so you can work on your goals. We tend to be overbooked, overcommitted, and over busy. So much so that we can’t possibly fit anything new into our lives. Rather than trying to squeeze your goal work into an already exhausting life, intentionally make room for it.

How? Identify the things in your life that are less of a priority, less essential, or that will be resolved by accomplishing your goal and STOP doing them (or at least reduce your load). It’s ok if your house isn’t spic and span, you order meal kits to make cooking easier, or you cancel your Netflix subscription so you can invest in your goal.

Goals = Change & Change = Change… if you want something different you’re going to have to make changes. That doesn’t mean simply adding more to your plate, it also means taking some things off!

2. Create Reminders & Habits

With no one around to hold you accountable or remind you, it can be tough to stay on track. And, that’s where devices can become our friends! Setting reminders or standing appointments in our phones is a great way to remember to get goal work done. Just make it a rule for yourself that you don’t skip them. An appointment for goal work is an appointment with future you and that’s at least as important as any other appointment you have. You deserve to commit the time to yourself and your future.

In addition, creating habits and inserting them into your existing routine is a great way to automate your goal work. Just be sure to start off with one small step at a time. If you want to start exercising every day in your morning routine, start getting up earlier first. Expecting yourself to wake up earlier, get dressed, drive to the gym, and work out for 30 minutes to an hour isn’t a small step… it’s a giant unsustainable step. That’s impossible for anyone… alone or not!

3. Celebrate Your Progress

One of the hardest things about accomplishing goals alone is not having a cheering section. There might not be someone else to call when you hit a milestone or when you’re struggling. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone… you have YOU! And here’s the thing, at the end of the day you’re the one who matters most. Making yourself proud and encouraging and supporting yourself is your number one job.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have a lot of experience in this arena. We’re perfectionists, or at least hard on ourselves. The first to point out our missteps and punish ourselves for them and the last to give grace, forgiveness, and praise. This has to STOP (whether you have a support system or not)!

Remind yourself to celebrate your progress by keeping an accomplishment journal. Write 3 – 5 things every day that you’ve accomplished and take the time to be proud of yourself. And… when you’re missing it, struggling, or frustrated, get that journal back out and review it. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come, how amazing you are, and cheer yourself on to push through because you deserve it!

Grab your FREE daily journal page here!

4. Create Real Life Connection

Many of us crave real life connection and find ourselves feeling lonely when working on goals alone. And honestly… some of us desperately need it (moms come to mind here… probably because I am one).

If you’re looking for real life connection that’s going to require one of the hardest commitments of all and I highly recommend you make this the first part of your goal work!

You’re going to have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable!

What does that mean? That means joining clubs and groups you’re interested in. Asking others if they want to trad off responsibilities like car pool. Knocking on your neighbors door and introducing yourself. Asking a coworker if they want to walk with you at lunch (or if you can join in with their existing walking group… YIKES!)

Here’s the thing I’ve learn about doing goals alone… it can be lonely. And, here’s the thing I’ve learned about creating real life connection… it can be scary.

Both are hard… choose your hard!

5. Community Counts

Sometimes all we really need is to know that there is someone out there who cares. Cares about our success, cares about how we show up for ourselves, and cares enough to cheer us on. And, you can get that from plugging into an online community.

If that’s you… if you need to know that someone out there in the world believes in you, wants the best for you, and knows just how amazing and capable you are. Well… you’ve got it! Every single day I’m over here praying for you and proud of you, even if we’ve never met (and even if we never do). But if you’d like to “meet” me and get that support, encouragement, and guidance, I have a couple options for you. You can sign up for my Goal Mastery Course and get in on my Goal Crusher Community that’s 100% dedicated to ensuring you accomplish your goals (and guaranteed to work). Or if that’s not a great fit for you you can join my Inner Circle where not only will you find an amazing, supportive community and an abundance of resources designed to help you accomplish your goals but you’ll also receive weekly group coaching and so much more!

Whatever you choose… remember, you are AMAZING and you DESERVE to live the life you’ve been dreaming of!

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