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For our "Goal Mastery" Course 

How to Set, Accomplish and Maintain Your Goals Once and For All

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Affiliate Benefits

Our courses are designed to help people accomplish the life of their dreams using our exclusive Small Step Method.  We empower our clients to accomplish their goals in all areas of their lives.  For more information on this groundbreaking approach and the benefits it brings to our customer, check out this blog post.

As an affiliate, we'd love to have you help us with this mission.  We offer our affiliates the following benefits:

  • EARLY ACCESS:  When we launch new courses, we allow affiliates to offer them first.  This gives their referrals early access to limited-space live sessions and special promotions.
  • COMPETITIVE AND FAST COMPENSATION:  We offer affiliates 25% commission on every course that they sell and we make sure they get paid quickly (within 2-days of customer purchase) and seamlessly via PayPal!
  • SELLING TOOLS:  We provide sales copy, social media templates, video content and more to our affiliates to help them engage and educate their customers on our courses.

How to Set, Accomplish and Maintain Your Goals Once and For All

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie and the Small Step Method

Take the Small Step!

I decided right there and then to stop sabotaging myself for no reason (well, maybe fear)...Take the Small Step, you won't die, I didn't!


I loved doing the Vision Board workshop. It helped me to focus on my goal and what steps I need to take to accomplish it.



This has been amazing, eye-opening, and validating...Thank you so very much!


I Can't Wait to Work With You!

I really appreciate your interest in being an affiliate for our courses.  It is my mission to help as many people as I can to live the lives of their dreams - and you're a critical part of that.  My commitment to you is that every customer that you refer to me will be treated with the respect, support and encouragement that they deserve.   If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to me at info@upcycledadulting.com. 

Thanks so much!

  ~ Cassie