February 21


Breaking the Mold! Our Amazing Coaching Program: YAW365

By Cassie

February 21, 2022

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If you’ve been hanging around here for a while you may have noticed a few changes.  Like you know… the logo and title of this blog, the menu, and even the addition of a few new regular contributors.  And you may be wondering what’s up with that.  So, I thought it was high time to dedicate a post to what exactly is going on here.  Here it is… we’ve launched an amazing, comprehensive coaching program!  Yep, that’s right, Upcycled Adulting LLC is now available to help you… YES, YOU… accomplish your goals inside your real life so you can wake up every morning feeling purposeful and fall asleep feeling proud.  And not only that but you can take the skills you learn with us and apply them to any… YES, ANY goal you have in the future!


Probably the number one question I get asked is why. Why, would I want to start a coaching program in the first place (I mean… don’t I know there are a million coaches out there already… don’t I know how old I am???)

My Journey

Well… here’s the thing… I looked high and low for the coaching program I wanted, and I couldn’t find it anywhere!  You see, I struggled for years to find myself, set a goal, and actually accomplish it.  I mean, I have a busy life and when I say busy, I mean 5 kids (2 special needs) and between my hubby and I, we were running 2 uber successful (but unsatisfying) businesses.  Plus, I’d spent basically my entire life working as a full-time doormat. I completely lacked the ability to say no, and was trying to prove I was worthy of even the slightest nod of acknowledgement.  I wanted more (didn’t really know what) and felt entirely lost and dissatisfied with my life.

Since I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and didn’t really know where I’d end up, I found it impossible to get help.  I mean, I’d already been through years of therapy, and I’d heard of coaching. But did I need a life coach, mindset coach, business coach, parenting coach, health coach? The list goes on and on and I had no idea where to start.  This left me feeling alone and ashamed.  So, I did what any overly independent, overly ambitious, overly overwhelmed and exhausted person would do. I set out to fix my life. I started reading all the books, going to conferences, following the “right” people on social media and applying all the various techniques to my life. 

Spoiler alert… most of them didn’t work for me at all and even those that did often didn’t last.  After almost 10 years I felt more lost, ashamed, alone, overwhelmed and exhausted than ever.

Then I realized I’m a totally unique person with totally unique needs. So I started to figure out how to tweak techniques, pitch the things that didn’t work (bye, bye 5am morning routine), and create habits and routines that did.  And guess what y’all, it worked and before I knew it, I had a system that really worked.  And… not just in one area of my life but in EVERY area of my life. I started seeing HUGE, monumental changes in everything ranging from my biz and health to my confidence and relationships!

It’s Not Fair

So, there I was, minding my own business, enjoying my life, having finally found balance and purpose, feeling more confident and amazing than ever when a couple close friends found themselves in crisis.  You know, the ushe; kids, marriage, overwhelming life stuff, and worst of all dealing with full on identity crisis, helplessness, and lack of confidence.  We started meeting weekly for a cocktail and dish sesh and I started sharing my newfound knowledge, techniques, and approach to bringing clarity to chaos and purpose to apathy and you know, actually getting things done, and feeling awesome.  (They asked.)

One week during our usual meet up my friends turned to me to address the big problem they saw in my life and in the world as a whole.  And y’all, this is the moment that changed EVERYTHING! 

“You need to write a book” one of them said.  “It’s just not fair that a person has to know you in real life to learn these amazing secrets”. 

That’s where it all began, over a cosmo (yes, I’m a huge SitC fan), in a now boarded up restaurant about a mile from my house. 

That was the moment I came upon the most shocking realization of all… I wasn’t alone, far from it, there are literally millions of people struggling just like I was, and they ALL need help!  And it occurred to me that if I couldn’t find it they couldn’t either and that Mary Ellen was right… it really wasn’t fair not to help people when you know you can!

But Who???

I mean it’s all well and good to know there are tons of people who need your help but finding them, especially when you don’t already know them, seemed impossible.  So, I started turning to the experts and attending webinars and courses about blogging and social media (I figured the internet was an obvious place to start).  I learned a lot in those classes (especially since I was a huge technophobe who could barely use Facebook).  I learned how to set up social media accounts, become an “affiliate” (whatever that meant), get a domain name, and much more.  But the most surprising thing I learned is that you need to create a niche and a client / reader avatar.

Wait?!?!  What?!?!

According to all the experts I would need to decide who I would help in very clear and finite terms.

I had some problems with this because…

  • I moved around a lot as a kid and spent most of my life feeling like an outsider, and it sucks.
  • Finding a coach had been frustratingly impossible for me because I don’t fit nicely into a box. And, I truly believe no one does.
  • My techniques teach people to not only begrudgingly work with but acknowledge, appreciate, capitalize on, honor, and be proud of individual uniqueness.
  • I sincerely believe cliques are bad, inclusiveness is good and vitally important. EVERYONE is amazing and deserves to live their best lives.

So… to me, creating an avatar seemed hypocritical and impossible.  And that is why, much to my marketing departments chagrin, I won’t create one.

Long story short… who do we help?  EVERYONE… so get in here you amazing human you!


At this point in my little story, you’re probably thinking “wait… this all sounds too good to be true”! 

Yes, I am saying that I help EVERYONE accomplish their goals (regardless of what they are) AND give them the techniques to continue accomplishing their goals in the future (regardless of what they are).  I’m seriously telling you that I teach people a system that works again and again. And it makes them feel empowered and confident.  Sometimes I sum it up by saying I help people wake up everyday feeling purposeful and fall asleep every night feeling proud.  And I have to tell you… that’s an amazing way to spend your life.

How do I do this?  Well, I created this thing called The Small Step Method and I haven’t met a single person yet that it doesn’t work for.  Why?  Well because it’s a framework that allows you to fit your unique goals and needs into it.  It includes 1 tactical action sandwiched between 2 mindset steps.  So everyday not only are you working toward your goals but you’re also rewiring your brain for future success.  It’s pretty awesome and VERY effective.

Going Forward

I’ve used The Small Step Method to build the life I’ve always dreamed of and accomplish every goal I’ve set out to. And you can too! I know you’ve been told it has to be hard or it’s not worth it. And I know you’ve been told self-discipline, all or nothing action, and will power equate success. I just have one question… how’s that working for you? Because it never worked for me or my clients. Creating a one year program that supports you through every season, helps you stay consistent, and teaches you to overcome the obstacles you may face (including the nay-sayers) has been a game changer. And, I’m excited to invite you to join us!

You’ve got this! You’re AMAZING! You deserve to accomplish your goals and live the life you’ve been dreaming of!

How You Can Learn More

If you want to learn more specifics about the programs we offer or how to get started, you can check us out here.

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