The Finish Strong Challenge

Create healthy habits, end the year strong, and get fired up for 2023!  Get lots support and have some fun too!

If You:

Want to improve your health or have a health goal.

Then This is the Challenge for You!

When You Join You'll Get:

  • A monthly resource packet including: Our custom Habit Tracker, Move your Body Inspirations, and Daily Journal Templates to help you celebrate your progress
  • Weekly newsletters to check in, offer encouragement and provide trouble-shooting suggestions.
  • Daily opportunity for Community Participation and Accountability.

So You Can:

  • Learn how to build Healthy Habits.
  • Create an Exercise Schedule that you love and look forward to.
  • Get motivated and inspired to take excellent care of yourself through the holidays.
  • Build confidence and cultivate Body Love.
  • Find support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Build momentum to give you a head start on your 2023 goals!


“Well, I am very proud to say that today, hubby and I accomplished one of our financial goals. Finances have always been such a bone of contention for me but making the changes that I have and working on my mindset the way I have, even though I still slip up constantly, I finally feel like I have some control over money instead of it controlling me. This is a big win! Next to tackle our other financial goals!”

- Carol (FB Group)

Still going strong as we get further into 2022! I have been cleaning up/out a little a day (I try to get rid of, organize 1-2 things (piles really) and today, I did NOT sit in front of the tv with hubby while he watched football! I was in the other room, organizing my books and working on my year end stuff! YAY me!

- Michelle (FB Group)

“I’ve discovered things about myself and how my inner voice can sabotage my growth. Cassie and her team have helped me unleash momentum and intentionality that I didn’t even know existed. I’m fixed towards success.”

- Charm (Community Member)