The Goal Mastery Course

Proven, Researched-based, Step-by-Step Guidance for Accomplishing Your Goals

Specifically designed for busy, midlife women who are on a journey to transform their lives in ways that are fulfilling and impactful to themselves and those around them.

Feeling frustrated and ashamed that you STILL haven’t accomplished that goal you set for yourself?  

Maybe You:

  • Struggle to identify your goals or choose just one
  • Have consistently failed to achieve your goals and New Year's resolutions
  • Wonder if you’re too lazy, undisciplined, or lacking in willpower and find yourself struggling with negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • Find it difficult to get or stay motivated
  • Have a busy demanding life and struggle to find the time and energy you need to commit to your goals
  • Are ready to start crushing your goals, building the future you want, living with purpose, and feeling proud of yourself


You feel like the typical advice about how to identify, prioritize, and achieve goals just doesn’t work for you…

And you’re right!

The typical advice does not work for you because it was not designed for you. This course was! Busy midlife women, who have always put the needs of other first and are now focusing on their own self-awakening, have different needs.  I should know - I'm one of them!

Learn the system that has helped me and my clients:

  • Accomplish financial goals
  • Create healthy habits and lose weight for good
  • Declutter and manage our homes with ease
  • Launch and scale successful thriving businesses
  • And so much more!

Imagine being able to:

  • Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF
  • Get Your House in Order & KEEP IT THAT WAY
  • Start Your Dream Business & SCALE IT
  • Get Control of Your Finances & CREATE ONGOING FINANCIAL FREEDOM

But most of all, imaging feeling completely confident in your ability to take on any challenge or goal that comes your way! Having a go-to, automated system that practically guarantees success!

Here at Upcycled Adulting, we've created a research based Goal Mastery Course that will teach you how to create, accomplish, and maintain your goals. This course is based on the most current research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavior-change (don't worry, we are really good at summarizing and keeping things fun!) to help you create, accomplish, and maintain your goals the scientifically proven, easy way!

My clients and I have used this system to tackle goals both big and small.  So, whether you’re just looking lose a few pounds or you’re trying to build a multi-million dollar brand, this will work for you!

What's in the Goal Mastery Course?

The system and techniques that I teach in Goal Mastery are exclusive to Upcycled Adulting and are based on my years of experience creating the life of my dreams.  And then starting a business to help as many people as I could create the life of their dreams!

Mindset Breakthrough Technique

Rewire your brain for self-confidence and empowerment and kick those nagging critical voices to the curb for good. 

Maslow's Hierarchy of Goals

Create clarity in goal identification and prioritization.  Learn where to start and break through shiny object syndrome, using proven characteristics of human behavior.

Goal Triathlon

Let go of perfectionism and overcommitting.  Segment your goal into tangible, clear, and rewarding milestones.

Magical Momentum Machine

Learn how to get fired up and stay that way without self-discipline or willpower by creating an internal momentum machine.

Small-Stepping it

Create consistency and ease in making your goal part of your lifestyle. Automate your goal work without having to even think about it so you can easily maintain it.

Chaos Neutralizer

Reduce the overwhelm and chaos of your day-to-day life and create the balance you need to make space to nurture the new you.

Detour Re-Routing

Find out EXACTLY how to get back on track as quickly as possible by making that detour an opportunity to grow and supercharge your journey.

Hero Status

Learn how to maintain your newfound confidence and your goals by becoming your own biggest cheerleader and superhero!

Goal Crushing Consistency

Become a consistent goal crusher by learning how to maintain your goal and move on to the next one!  Plus - get and share encouragement and accountability in our community.

Our Goal Mastery Course Delivers 90+% Success Rates

Research shows that creating milestones, writing them down and establishing accountability can make you successful at accomplishing your goal 76% of the time.  But when I created the Goal Mastery course, I was not ok with almost of quarter of our customers not succeeding.  So I included a bunch of additional steps and features to get that success rate well over 90%.  And I back it up with a guarantee - if you're not satisfied, just let us know within 60 days and you'll get a full refund.

How Can We Promise That?

Take a look at this table. You already know how important the first 4 items are, and we obviously include them in Goal Mastery. But we take things much further so we can ensure success by focusing on Mindset, giving detailed Goal Selection and Setting Guidance, and teaching you how to Journal your Success to Build Momentum and NEVER have to rely on motivation again.

We also provide weekly check-ins and teach you how to fit your goals into your real life. And speaking of the real-world, we know things come up so we teach you how to deal with that too.  Plus, as a bonus, we'll reveal exactly how to repeat this system for new goals so you can consistently up level your life and become a GOAL CRUSHER!

The Goal Mastery Course

How to Set, Accomplish and Maintain Your Goals Once and For All


THE goal masteryCOURSE


  • 3 Modules Totaling over 35 Lessons
  • Ongoing Bonus Content to Help Keep You Successful
  • Lifetime Community Access & Interaction
  • Exercises, Homework and Worksheets
  • Lifetime Course Access
BONUS: the discover you course


  • Reclaim Yourself and Your Life, Find Your Purpose, and Identify Your Goals
  • Empowering Class and Workbook
  • 50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts 
  • Lifetime Course Access


Add Your Goal-Crushing Success Story to the Hundreds of Others that Have Used The Small Step Method and this System to Accomplish So Much!

Goal Mastery Guarantee

Here’s what people are saying about their results after working with Cassie


This has been amazing, eye-opening, and validating...Thank you so very much!


Huge Help

Hi Cassie! I wanted to let you know that you have helped me more in the last couple of months than anyone or anything has. As hard as it has been to dive into these feelings it has definitely been worth it. I am looking forward to see what else I can learn!!


You Are Still a Huge Part of My Daily Motivation!

I am grateful for you. At 47, for the first time in my life I actually like who I am. Not everyone realizes the agreements we make with ourselves that cause all the negative self talk. Thanks for allowing me in this space.

You inspire me. This morning my affirmations brought me to tears. The power behind them now is larger than it has ever been. Thank you!

Marshall K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

How is this course different from other goals courses?

What goals will this course help me accomplish?

How is this course so inexpensive?

How long does it take to complete this course?

Why is there mindset work in the goals course?

What type of support will I have to accomplish my goals?

How does the guarantee work?

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie and the Small Step Method

Powerful and Much Needed Training

This was such a powerful and much needed training for me. I think all of those things hold me back but mostly fear...thank you for that reality check! Last night I recommitted to getting up early and working out. I made a plan in my mind...and that is exactly what I did this morning.


I Feel Fantastic!

I don't want to brag to the world, but I just wanted to tell my people: I FEEL FANTASTIC! I am so happy seeing the positive effects of my healthy changes. I know life will have curveballs with stressful things but my mindset can handle them so much more now. I am happy so much more. My boundaries are natural and comfortable. I set myself up for success...I am witnessing this pay off in my life in every way and cannot say enough about it!

Victoria W.

Take the Small Step!

I decided right there and then to stop sabotaging myself for no reason (well, maybe fear)...Take the Small Step, you won't die, I didn't!



THE goal masteryCOURSE


  • 3 Modules Totaling over 35 Lessons
  • Ongoing Bonus Content to Help Keep You Successful
  • Lifetime Community Access & Interaction
  • Exercises, Homework and Worksheets
  • Lifetime Course Access
BONUS: the discover you course


  • Reclaim Yourself and Your Life, Find Your Purpose, and Identify Your Goals
  • Empowering Class and Workbook
  • 50 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts 
  • Lifetime Course Access


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I promise that you'll love this course and that if you apply these lessons, you'll see benefits in your life.  And - I'll back that up with a 60-day guarantee

I won't make it hard either - just send me an email at info@upcycledadulting.com within 60 days of purchasing the course and let me know why you're not satisfied.  If we can't work it out for you, we'll issue a refund.  Simple as that!

Thanks for Checking Out Goal Mastery!

Thanks for your interest in Goal Mastery.  I'm so excited about this course! My goal is for everyone to have the life of their dreams, and that starts with being able to accomplish your goals.  That's why I created the Small Step Method, and why this course is so important to me.  These techniques have changed my life.  Being able to see it have the same impact in the people I teach is incredible. I truly hope to see you in our community and congratulate you on your success!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to me at info@upcycledadulting.com. 

Thanks so much!

  ~ Cassie