You Deserve to Accomplish and Maintain Your Goals

And Now You Can.  Consistently.  Again and Again.

Using My Proven, Researched-Based, Exclusive Goal-Crushing System.

The Goal Mastery Course

Will Empower You to Accomplish and Maintain Any Goal You Set!

The Reality of Goal-Work

No one has just one life goal. We want it all… excellent health, financial security, the dream job, healthy relationships, and a comfortable home. We want to feel fulfilled, purposeful, and confident. But… for most of us, even accomplishing one of these goals feels impossible, let alone maintaining it and moving on to another. We find ourselves feeling lost, overwhelmed, and like complete and utter failures.

I spent 30+ years trying to accomplish even the smallest goals. I read the books, joined the programs, signed up for the classes… I tried it all. And nothing worked!

Here's what I learned:

  • Quick fix, all or nothing solutions don’t work. They’re impossible to maintain in the real world and lead to failure. Feeling like a failure all the time really sucks!
  • Life is WAY too busy, demanding, and unpredictable for arbitrary timelines. It’s way disheartening to miss goal deadline after goal deadline.
  • Motivation is fleeting. Getting and staying motivated just isn’t going to happen (and the science backs me up here… motivation is created by action, not the other way around).
  • Self-discipline and willpower are code words for self-abuse and manipulation. Let’s all ignore our experiences and needs and just push through and force ourselves to do it anyway, shall we.

And even worse, when we fail to accomplish goals, it has a real impact in other areas of our lives that weren't even related to the original goal. From my own experience and through working with many clients over the years, here are some of the problems I've seen Goal Failure lead to:

  • Self-defeatism
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Financial problems
  • Shame and embarrassment
  • Inhibition to try new things
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Lack of purpose
  • Only 3% of people accomplish their goals.
  • Only 8% of people who set New Years resolutions actually achieve them.
  • People using Scheduled Action, Commitment, and Accountability techniques are successful 76% of the time at achieving their goals.  Let's Look Into That!

Foundational Research On Goal Success:

A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University sought to find evidence for claims coming out of Harvard Business School that well-planned and well-written goals impact students’ performance and achievements.

In this study, participants were recruited from businesses and professional networking groups to take part. These participants were then divided into five groups:

  • The first group set no goals and had no concrete plans.
  • The second group set goals but did not prepare a plan to execute them.
  • The third group prepared well-defined goals and plans of action to achieve them.
  • The fourth group prepared well-defined goals and plans of action, then sent these to a supportive friend.
  • The fifth group prepared well-defined goals and plans of action, then sent these to a supportive friend, together with weekly progress reports.

Results revealed that the fifth group, who had their goals written with concrete plans of action and drew on the support of a friend to hold them accountable, accomplished significantly more than all the other groups. This study serves to highlight the benefits of writing down goals and action plans, as well as the benefits of public commitment and accountability, as drivers of goal achievement and success in life.

The bottom line:  People following Scheduled Action, Commitment, and Accountability techniques succeeded in accomplishing their goals 76% of the time.

Here's How it Works in Real Life:

As the study above, along with many more, shows - there is a specific approach to goal success that really works.  And it's not a quick-fix or pie-in-the-sky solution.  It involves creating a goal-system that is consistent, can become automated, and is easy to maintain in the real world.  Working on this system, along with having accountability, is what leads to long-term success!

Sure… life gets busy, demanding, and unpredictable, but when your goal becomes part of your real, daily life it’s nearly impossible to lose sight of it.  

Feeling inspired and proud of yourself, even on your busiest and most stressful days, will give you wins!  

Confidently taking steps while you’re fired up from those wins will fuel future action.

Instead of trying to get or stay motivated, you'll already be motivated to continue - effortlessly.  You'll never run out of steam again!

Then you'll listen to yourself, learn, and grow from the challenges you've faced, making adjustments as you go forward.  

And you'll come to realize, the journey of pursuing your goals is more about becoming the best version of you and building the best relationship you can with yourself.  You'll trade in self-discipline and willpower for self-awareness and authenticity.  

This is what you'll get with my exclusive Small Step Method. This approach is the core of everything that I teach, especially Goal Mastery, because it works.  Again and again!

Introducing The Goal Mastery Course:

Leveraging the Small Step Method

Feeling frustrated and ashamed that you STILL haven’t accomplished that goal you set for yourself?  Not sure where to start because you have too many ideas or none whatsoever?  Lose steam and focus and get distracted by your busy life or just lose interest?  This is for you! 

Learn the system that’s helped me and my clients:

  • Accomplish financial goals
  • Create healthy habits and lose weight for good
  • Declutter and manage our homes with ease
  • Launch and scale successful thriving businesses
  • And so much more!

Imagine being able to:

  • Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF
  • Get Your House in Order & KEEP IT THAT WAY
  • Start Your Dream Business & SCALE IT
  • Get Control of Your Finances & CREATE ONGOING FINANCIAL FREEDOM

But most of all, imaging feeling completely confident in your ability to take on any challenge or goal that comes your way! Having a go-to, automated system that practically guarantees success!

Here at Upcycled Adulting, we've created a research based Goal Mastery Course that will teach you how to create, accomplish, and maintain your goals. This course is based on the most current research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavior-change (don't worry, we are really good at summarizing and keeping things fun!) to help you create, accomplish, and maintain your goals the scientifically proven, easy way!

My clients and I have used this system to tackle goals both big and small.  So, whether you’re just looking lose a few pounds or you’re trying to build a multi-million dollar brand, this will work for you!

What's in the Goal Mastery Course?

  • 1 - Preparing for the journey

  • 2 - crushing your goals

  • 3 - staying on track

  • bonus content

Module 1 - Preparing for the Journey

Clearing Distraction & Limiting Beliefs (Dropping Old Baggage):

  • The Key to Confidence
  • Feelings & Emotions Appearing Real
  • Progress over Perfection
  • Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself

Get Fired Up:

  • Mindset Breakthrough Part 1
  • Mindset Breakthrough Part 2
  • Magical Momentum Machine
  • Celebrate Your Wins

Chaos Neutralizer:

  • Prioritizing Your Goal
  • Making Space for Your Goal
  • Getting Support

Here’s what people are saying about their results after working with Cassie

I loved all the insights. I had never thought of the mindset changes needed to support the plan and appreciated it very much. Also the appreciation of my accomplishments. They are only small in my mind. I need to stop thinking like that. Thanks!


Powerful and Much Needed Training

This was such a powerful and much needed training for me. I think all of those things hold me back but mostly fear...thank you for that reality check! Last night I recommitted to getting up early and working out. I made a plan in my mind...and that is exactly what I did this morning.


Thank You So Much!

Cassie helped me realize I was trying to pursue a life that wasn't for me. What I thought I wanted was only to prove to others that I am enough. I need something but I'm not sure what it is yet. You made me believe in myself and in every small step I take. Thank you so much.

Mel R.

How My Failure Led Me to Create This Course

I set the EXACT same New Year's Resolution for 20 years and I FAILED Every. Single. Year!

I was so frustrated with my inability to "stick-with-it" and had no idea why I couldn't seem to muster the willpower, self-discipline, and motivation that seemed to come so easily to everyone else. After all, I'd read all the books, watched all the documentaries, taken courses, and even gone to live conferences and I STILL couldn't do it! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!!! I was so angry with myself for my lack of stick-with-it-ness that I ended up with a constant, extremely loud, internal belief that I was a "quitty-quitty-failure" and just didn't deserve to accomplish my goals.

So... I decided to quit once and for all.

  • Quit setting goals
  • Quit dreaming big for my life
  • Quit prioritizing my needs or desires
  • Quit trying anything new

I threw in the towel... I was done with the constant disappointment, defeat, and failure. I QUIT!!!

Unfortunately this created a whole new set of problems for me...

  • I had no direction
  • I felt like I'd lost my entire identity
  • I was painfully unhappy and dissatisfied
  • I was angry, irritable, and resentful of those I love
  • I threw myself into people pleasing, and proving my worth like my life depended on it (because that was all I had)
  • And then... I became VERY sick

I'm pretty sure that the stress, overwhelm, and overall strife of my life piled up. I stopped caring about myself or taking care of myself because, after all, I was a quitty, quitty failure and didn't deserve such luxuries.

Once I became sick though I had 2 choices...

  • Allow it to worsen, leading to eventual lifetime medication, surgery, and a high likelihood of developing fatal co-morbids all while feeling miserable and barely managing symptoms.
  • Set a goal and actually accomplish it!

You see... I was lucky because I was diagnosed VERY early in disease progression so I had a lot of options and an excellent prognosis BUT in order to reap those benefits I needed to find a way to accomplish a serious health goal FAST! And not only that... I'd need to be able to stick with it and maintain it inside an incredibly demanding life for... life!

So... I took everything I knew from those books, documentaries, courses, and conferences and teased out the little bit that did seem to work and I set out to find the missing pieces. I started reading medical journals and psychology and behavior science research papers. And... well I found the missing links. The secrets that those with long term, repeatable success know. (Including the SCIENTIFIC FACTS that show willpower, self-discipline, and motivation actually DON'T work).

With my new knowledge I created The Small Step Method. 

I followed it to regain control of my health and by extension, my life. It worked so well I started applying this method to other goals and guess what... it worked on ALL of my goals...

  • Household management, decluttering, and projects
  • Building and scaling a business
  • Financial Management
  • And... all of my relationships improved. My husband and kids even started happily helping around the house.

The change was astonishing and before I knew it everyone started asking me how I was doing it. So... I started sharing The Small Step Method with others.

And here's the CRAZIEST thing... it WORKED for them too!

One day one of my closest friends said to me "you know... it's not really fair that a person has to know you to be able to learn this. It's a complete life changer and you have to share it!"

And well, long story short... I applied The Small Step Method to starting Upcycled Adulting - and here we are! After a full year of teaching this life changing technique and watching my clients consistently crush their goals (and experience shocking ripple effects, like accidently getting promotions and new job offers and improving their marriages), I decided to include these techniques in an affordable online course. Because here's the thing... you shouldn't have to have thousands of dollars or hours every week to show up live to be equipped to crush your goals!

I'm offering this game-changing content in the Goal Mastery course.  I'm so certain that it works that I'm guaranteeing it!

EVERYONE needs this!

76% Success Rate is OK...

But Our Goal Mastery Course Delivers 90+%

With the Goal Mastery course, we're not ok with almost of quarter of our customers not succeeding.  So we've included a bunch of additional steps and features to get that success rate well over 90%.  And we back it up with a guarantee - if you're not satisfied, just let us know within 60 days and you'll get a full refund.

How Can We Promise That?

Take a look at this table. You already know how important the first 4 items are, and we obviously include them in Goal Mastery. But we take things much further so we can ensure success by focusing on Mindset, giving detailed Goal Selection and Setting  Guidance, and teaching you how to Journal your Success to Build Momentum and NEVER have to rely on motivation again.

We also provide weekly check-ins and teach you how to fit your goals into your real life. And speaking of the real-world, we know things come up so we teach you how to deal with that too.  Plus, as a bonus, we'll reveal exactly how to repeat this system for new goals so you can consistently up level your life and become a GOAL CRUSHER!

What About New Year's Resolutions?

Wondering about New Year’s resolutions and if that counts as goal setting?  I was too, so I did some research!  What I found is that only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually reach them, which means that 92% of people fail. And 62% of people give up on their resolutions within a month. It doesn’t have to be like that, though.  There's nothing wrong with using the beginning of a new year as a starting point to make positive changes in your life.  But - there is a right way to do it!

First of all, it's important to understand that a resolution is not the same thing as a goal. Resolutions are conceptual, while goals are actionable.  For example, a resolution might be "I want to be healthy".  One goal to help with that resolution could be "I will eat one more vegetable every day". Resolutions without goals are sort of like vacation plans without plane tickets. That means, when you think about New Year's resolutions, you also have to think about the goals that you're going to set to achieve them.

And when you set those goals, making them measurable and realistic in your life greatly improves your chances of succeeding.  In our Goal Mastery Course, we take this concept further by not only teaching you how to Set goals that are achievable in your real life, but also exactly how to implement them AND how to maintain them.

Tony Robbins

“Your resolution is your desired outcome, while your goals are the steps you must take to accomplish it.  Goals, not resolutions, are the key to long-term growth and success.”

Did You Know That:

Having Goals Can Make You Happier and More Content?

There's a ton of psychological research on this subject.  Goals play a dominant role in shaping the way we see ourselves and others. A person who is focused and goal-oriented is likely to have a more positive approach towards life and perceive failures as temporary setbacks, rather than personal shortcomings.

Goal Mastery Exclusives

The system and techniques that I teach in Goal Mastery are exclusive to Upcycled Adulting and are based on my years of experience creating the life of my dreams.  And then starting a business to help as many people as I could create the life of their dreams!

Mindset Breakthrough Technique

Rewire your brain for self-confidence and empowerment and kick those nagging critical voices to the curb for good. 

Maslow's Hierarchy of Goals

Create clarity in goal identification and prioritization.  Learn where to start and break through shiny object syndrome, using proven characteristics of human behavior.

Goal Triathlon

Let go of perfectionism and overcommitting.  Segment your goal into tangible, clear, and rewarding milestones.

Magical Momentum Machine

Learn how to get fired up and stay that way without self-discipline or willpower by creating an internal momentum machine.

Small-Stepping it

Create consistency and ease in making your goal part of your lifestyle. Automate your goal work without having to even think about it so you can easily maintain it.

Chaos Neutralizer

Reduce the overwhelm and chaos of your day-to-day life and create the balance you need to make space to nurture the new you.

Detour Re-Routing

Find out EXACTLY how to get back on track as quickly as possible by making that detour an opportunity to grow and supercharge your journey.

Hero Status

Learn how to maintain your newfound confidence and your goals by becoming your own biggest cheerleader and superhero!

Goal Crushing Consistency

Become a consistent goal crusher by learning how to maintain your goal and move on to the next one!  Plus - get and share encouragement and accountability in our community.

"I've Tried Everything and Just Keep Failing.  How Will This be Different?"

It’s NOT just you!  In fact only about 3% of people who set goals accomplish them.  When we set goals that we aren’t personally connected with or that are either too high or too low we are setting ourselves up for failure.  

To give ourselves the best chance there are a few more ingredients we need as well.  We need to change our mindset and build confidence, write down our goals and make a plan, share our goals with a community, and check in regularly.  With that much to do it can be easy to lose our way.

Goal Mastery is different because we teach you how to all of this, walk you through it step-by-step, provide a community and regular check-ins, and focus on maintaining your wins.  This system works and it's guaranteed!

"It's Not Possible That This Will Work for Any Goal!"

Whether your goal is career or finance related, health and fitness, relationships, or school or home management this ONE system will work for you! 

The Small Step Method is designed to work on any goal you may have because no matter what the outcome looks like, the process is the same.  And it’s not just me saying it… the research proves it.  

Not only will you get the results you want regarding your goal when you use The Small Step Method, but you’ll also see a profound ripple effect on other areas of your life as well.  Because, well, that’s what happens when you start building confidence, seeing your progress, and feeling proud of yourself every day!

The Upcycled Adulting Goal Mastery Course is:

For you if you want to accomplish and maintain your goals but worry that you lack the clarity, motivation, or will power to do so. Maybe you even struggle with self-doubt and lack confidence because you’ve tried other methods that haven’t worked.  You may feel like a failure or quitter and be on the brink of losing hope, but don't give up just yet.  This is for YOU!

This course is designed to let you know:  “It’s not you… the systems you’ve learned are designed to fail most people”  And to provide a sure fire system that will allow you to build confidence, accomplish goals and maintain them… no willpower, self-discipline, or motivation needed.

This Course is Not:

For people looking for a quick fix or instant gratification (for example, wanting to lose weight as fast as possible for an upcoming event but not concerned about maintaining that loss).

People who are NOT interested in taking real, definitive action toward accomplishing the goals that they set.

Someone looking for things that are flashy and exciting… If this were the Tortoise and the Hare story, we would teach people how to be the Tortoise:  Win the race against the ultra-fast, but no substance, Hare.  And be happy doing it!

People who are not interested in creating a more deep and meaningful connection to their authentic self… this isn’t a surface level, step-by-step approach - to really build and maintain success, a person needs to understand why the goal matters to them in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

How is this course different from other goals courses?

What goals will this course help me accomplish?

How is this course so inexpensive?

How long does it take to complete this course?

Why is there mindset work in the goals course?

What type of support will I have to accomplish my goals?

How does the guarantee work?

Goal Mastery

How to Set, Accomplish and Maintain Your Goals Once and For All

My exclusive Goal Mastery system is backed by research and proven to work.

Add Your Goal-Crushing Success Story to the Hundreds of Others that Have Used The Small Step Method and this System to Accomplish So Much!

The goal mastery course


  • 3 Modules Totaling over 35 Lessons
  • Ongoing Bonus Content to Help Keep You Successful
  • Lifetime Community Access & Interaction
  • Exercises, Homework and Worksheets
  • Lifetime Course Access

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie and the Small Step Method

I Feel Fantastic!

I don't want to brag to the world, but I just wanted to tell my people: I FEEL FANTASTIC! I am so happy seeing the positive effects of my healthy changes. I know life will have curveballs with stressful things but my mindset can handle them so much more now. I am happy so much more. My boundaries are natural and comfortable. I set myself up for success...I am witnessing this pay off in my life in every way and cannot say enough about it!

Victoria W.

Take the Small Step!

I decided right there and then to stop sabotaging myself for no reason (well, maybe fear)...Take the Small Step, you won't die, I didn't!


I'm So Grateful for This!

I’m so grateful for this...I have actionable steps to be working on myself instead of just wishing for it. The support has been wonderful...!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I promise that you'll love this course and that if you apply these lessons, you'll see benefits in your life.  And - I'll back that up with a 60-day guarantee

I won't make it hard either - just send me an email at info@upcycledadulting.com within 60 days of purchasing the course and let me know why you're not satisfied.  If we can't work it out for you, we'll issue a refund.  Simple as that!

Thanks for Checking Out Goal Mastery!

Thanks for your interest in Goal Mastery.  I'm so excited about this course! My goal is for everyone to have the life of their dreams, and that starts with being able to accomplish your goals.  That's why I created the Small Step Method, and why this course is so important to me.  These techniques have changed my life.  Being able to see it have the same impact in the people I teach is incredible. I truly hope to see you in our community and congratulate you on your success!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to me at info@upcycledadulting.com. 

Thanks so much!

  ~ Cassie