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Unleashing The Power of Habits and Routines in Your Real Life

Wednesday May 17 at 7PM ET

Learn my exclusive system for successfully creating and maintaining Routines and Habits.  And how to fit them into a hectic, busy, real life!

Overcome overwhelm, accomplish your goals, and build the life of your dreams!

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This Masterclass Changes the Game!

Learn the simple, proven techniques to create habits and routines that stick - and break those pesky habits that are holding you back for good.

This masterclass is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!  You’ll leave feeling more fired up and empowered than ever before with real life strategies to create habits and routines that make your life easier, more intentional, and make you feel proud, every single day (even when you miss it)!

Here's what you'll learn:

The Big 12!

Take a deep dive into the 12 most impactful habits necessary for building the life of your dreams.

Supercharge It!

Learn to identify supercharged habits and routines for your own life.

Have Fun Doing it!

Discover how to make and break habits the fun and easy way (no willpower, self-discipline or motivation needed!)

Life Happens!

Find out how to embrace flexibility and make habits and routines fit inside your real and demanding life.

What People are Saying About Working with Cassie

I loved all the insights. I had never thought of the mindset changes needed to support the plan and appreciated it very much. Also the appreciation of my accomplishments. They are only small in my mind. I need to stop thinking like that. Thanks!


The video is very inspiring. I have always tried to use "self-discipline" as a means to motivate not only myself but also my husband and kids, and now I understand why that approach has never worked!


Informative and interesting! I liked it!


I loved doing the Vision Board workshop. It helped me to focus on my goal and what steps I need to take to accomplish it.


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