January 8


How to Accomplish Goals

By Cassie

January 8, 2024

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Most people wonder how to accomplish goals because most people try and try again but find success to be illusive. Well over 90% of people fail to accomplish their goals regardless of what they are. If that’s you, you’re not alone! I know how frustrating it can be and I’ve felt the sting and shame of repeated failure. That’s why buried myself in research to try to figure out what successful people do differently. What are their secrets?!?! When I figured it out I began implementing them and teaching them to others. And guess what… turns out this flips the tables and has a 90% SUCCESS rate and doesn’t even require motivation, self-discipline, or willpower. I know… sounds too good to be true but it’s actually pretty simple.

How to Accomplish Goals

The reason why traditional approaches don’t work to help you accomplish your goals is because they skip essential steps in the goal process and jump ahead to making a goal path. This leads to overwhelm and unrealistic planning that doesn’t work in real life. Most people who use traditional methods quit within less than 3 weeks because the plan simply doesn’t work, they lose motivation, or they become distracted. Today I’m sharing the ENTIRE approach to setting, accomplishing, and maintaining goals!


The very foundation upon which all your goal accomplishments (and many other hopes and dreams) are built is mindset. Many people start their goals truly believing that when they accomplish them their mindset will change. They think things like… “when I lose weight I’ll love my body” or “when I get some money saved I’ll stop feeling like an irresponsible slacker”. But here’s the truth… you’ll NEVER reach those goals if you don’t already care about your body and feel capable of saving money. Because, honestly, we aren’t willing to put in a whole lot of effort to benefit someone we don’t think very highly of to begin with.

Plus, the confidence it takes and ability to bounce back from challenges (you know having a growth mindset) doesn’t just happen. Believing that you can do this and that you’re worth it ensures that not only can you invest in your goals but also keeps you from shattering (or quitting… maybe I’m being a bit dramatic there) the first time you miss it or something goes wrong.

Resource Allocation

Once you believe that you can do it and you’re worth it, it’s time to take action. And that means, actually making yourself a priority! Your goals are going to require a resource investment, no matter what they are. You will likely expend time, energy, and money on your goals and you’re going to need to prepare for that. We often try to squeeze our goals into an already packed schedule or spread ourselves too thin and risk burn out rather than making intentional choices about prioritizing our goals. And, guess what… that usually means spending money on them too. I know that’s easy to do when your goal has a clear path to earning potential but here’s the thing… EVERY goal you accomplish will either earn or save money for you… seriously… every single one.

Get serious about investing your time, energy, and money into your goals. Start making time in your schedule, let go of some of the energy suckers in your life that aren’t moving the needle, and buy those running shoes, or that course that will set you up for success.

Skill Building

Jumping into your goal path without skill building is a sure-fire way to fail. Most goals are reliant on some basic beginning skills. You may have discovered some that you need to work on in the resource allocation phase (you know… like time management skills). But there more be more tangible skills you need to acquire as well. For example, if you have a health goal you may want to take some cooking classes, so you can make yourself nutritious meals. Skill building happens throughout your goal journey. As you progress on your path you’ll discover new things you need to learn and skills you need to build. But taking a moment to set yourself up for success right at the beginning is a great way to get started on the right foot.

Goal Mapping

Most people are super familiar with goal mapping because this is often the only part of the journey that’s talked about. This is where you start creating a basic plan for how you will accomplish your goal by identifying milestones and tasks that need to be done along the way.

Unfortunately, much of what is taught about how to do this phase is wrong as well. You see, while it’s great to identify milestones, you really only need to start with just one. And rather that trying to achieve that milestone you simply break it down and incorporate small steps into your daily life (whether they be new habits or turbo charged steps like projects or one offs). Most people try to create the full map and then become rigid about sticking to it. While you may be able to identify several milestones (perhaps even all of them) it’s most important to remain flexible and to know that when you get to the leg of your journey you’ll be far more experienced and equipped and you’ll know what to do then.

Maintaining Your Goal

Several industries are making major bank (as in BILLIONS) off the fact that so many people struggle to accomplish and maintain their goals. But when you achieve your goals by shifting your mindset, fitting them into your real life by prioritizing them, and building the long term skills you need they are easy to maintain. Because… they’re part of your REAL life!

If you’re tired of trying and failing to accomplish or maintain your goals check out my Goal Mastery Course (it has a 90+% success rate and a 100% money back guarantee), no self-discipline, will-power, or motivation needed! (Find out why here).

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