December 4


How to Build Future You

By Cassie

December 4, 2023

build future you, building your best self

Your future lifestyle is entirely reliant on future you, and future you is created by present you. I know, it sounds like the beginning of a riddle or brain teaser, right?!?! But, it’s entirely true. Often when we think about the future we imagine where we will be and what our lives will look like. But the thing we usually overlook is who we are in that vision. The truth is, if present you could have that life, you already would. So, getting there isn’t really about changing your circumstances, it’s about growth, self-discovery, and personal development. It’s about becoming the version of yourself who can build the life you dream of. Let’s talk about exactly how to do that!

Know Yourself

As you’re beginning your growth journey it’s essential that you know where you’re starting. Spend some time on self-discovery. It’s essential that you deeply know and trust yourself and it’s also important to know what you’re working with. Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, and understanding your personal value system will give you the starting point for your journey.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t allow limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to hold you back. You may be tempted to build future you because you’re frustrated with who you are now. If you’re stuck in a self-loathing (or even self-unliking) mindset it will be impossible to build future you. The truth is, growth takes a lot of work and commitment. And last time I checked we’re not super motivated to put that effort into something we don’t like or care about. That means you MUST start this journey from a place of self-compassion, self-worth, and at the very least self-acceptance.

If this is something you struggle with, your first step to build future you is to rewire your brain. I know… sounds impossible, but it’s scientifically proven that this can be easily done through affirmations. However, most teaching about how to use affirmations is lacking or flat out wrong. To learn how to use affirmations to rewire your brain check out my Affirmation Masterclass in Inner Circle.

Learn as You Go

Rather than burying yourself in research and making an intricate plan, get started. You could spend an eternity getting ready but, honestly, that won’t help you on your journey. No one knows what the future holds and when it comes to becoming future you, well, you’re going to have to wing it. Part of how you become your best self is by learning from your mistakes and missteps. Future you won’t be fully formed by the perfect plan executed perfectly. You’ll be shaped in part at least by the challenges and obstacles you’ll face and overcome. While I can’t know exactly what future you looks like, I do know they’re a badass who’s built confidence and resilience along the way, because that’s the only way to get there. Oh, and spoiler alert… even if you make the perfect plan it will still all go side-ways at some point… it’s just not possible!

Small Steps

How has that all or nothing approach worked for you so far? Not so well? Yeah, that’s what I thought, you’re not alone!

The all or nothing approach is the best way to stay exactly where you’re at for years to come. It simply doesn’t work. Let’s face it, you have other things going on in your life. Other demands on your resources (time, energy, and money). You can’t just quit your life and go all in on future you. You have pressing present things to manage too. Plus, I highly doubt the future you that you’re envisioning is in burn out recovery. Yikes!

Consistently taking small steps will help you stay the course and even maintain your progress. Soon you’ll find you’ve created future you habits that are manageable and fit into your real life. And you’ll also be able to maintain them going forward.

Pick One

Ok, so, future you is healthy and thriving. She’s also bilingual, runs a successful business, and manages her home with ease. Now where do you start? Well, I’ll say this, NOT with all 4! Pick one thing to start working on. It can be the most pressing one, the easiest one, or my personal fave, the one with the biggest ripple effect. Just like going in all or nothing is recipe for disaster so is dividing your time and attention between multiple goals. When you focus your attention on one thing and start incorporating small steps it’s easier to see progress and build momentum. Then you can use that momentum to tackle another facet of future you to work on.

If you need help choosing a goal to start with or identifying small steps and creating a goal map be sure to check out my scientifically backed, guaranteed, and proven course, Goal Mastery.

Pay it Forward Daily

Do something every day to pay it forward to future you. But, don’t get rigid about it. That doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing every day. Let’s face it, life happens and you might not get that workout or business stuff done today. But that doesn’t mean you’re doing nothing. Doing mindset work, journaling, writing in your accomplishment and gratitude journal, or even resting totally counts as paying it forward to future you. Because remember, you aren’t trying to become a human doing more, you’re seeking to become the best YOU (as a person). That internal work and growth is often the most impactful work you can do along the way. And it tends to be the hardest (and most skipped) part. So, make time for this work too, not just on the days you can’t, don’t, or won’t do the more tangible and obvious goal work.

Find Your People

Here’s the truth, not everyone is going to understand the journey you’re on, not everyone will be supportive, and some will even feel threatened and throw every challenge they can think of in your path. And I know what you might be thinking… because my hyper-independent self thought it too… “no problem, I’ll just go it alone”, and maybe you could. BUT, why make it harder than it has to be? Instead, find your people. Find people who are on the same path you are. People committed to building their best future selves. They’ll be able to cheer you on, encourage, advise, and support you in ways no one else can. On your best days they’ll celebrate your wins and on your worst they’ll stand beside you and remind you that you really do deserve this and you aren’t alone.

I know, that might sound impossible to do but thankfully I’ve done the work for you. You’re welcome to join my free Facebook Group or to up level your experience with an Inner Circle Membership. You’ll find a supportive, encouraging community in both places but you’ll also get group coaching and exclusive courses, resources, and access in Inner Circle.

Celebrate Your Wins

Every. Single. Day. Celebrate your wins! Write down 3 – 5 accomplishments every night before you go to bed and remind yourself that you’re doing an awesome job. Creating a sense of pride and accomplishment boosts dopamine levels and that’ll keep you constantly motivated and moving forward. Knowing that you’re making progress and focusing on the positive will keep the joy in the journey. So, get started today and be sure to count reading this post as an accomplishment for today. Because, well, this is the first step to building future you and the life you’re longing for! YAY YOU!!!

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