June 5


How to Create Lasting Health & Weight Loss

By Cassie

June 5, 2020

how to create lasting health and weight loss, how to get healthy, how to lose weight permanently

Y’all, I’m SO excited!  I did a BIG thing!  I wrote my very first eBook and also my first published book (which will be available late June). 

If you’ve been hanging around UA for a while you likely know how important health and wellness are to me.  Later this month I’ll be sharing my health story and you’ll know exactly why.  After years of struggling with my health, feeling like I was at war with my own body, loads of self-hatred and frustration with the medical system I decided enough was enough!  Getting my diagnosis and reclaiming my health was not an easy fete.  But what I discovered along the way was worth it!  It changed my entire outlook, not just on my health but also on my relationships and life as a whole.

So, what better thing to do to give back than to share it with others!  You CAN find your way to optimal health and body weight!  But you aren’t going to do it from a place of hating your body and wanting to punish it or deprive it!  You’re going to do it by digging deep into body love so you can nurture and care for yourself properly.

This isn’t your typical health / nutrition / weight loss guide!  This is a guide to achieving long term results with very little effort!  It’s a guide to creating and enjoying your very best health and life and while feeling amazing every day!

This book includes:

  • Simple healthy recipes your whole family will love.
  • Information about everything from sleep and stress to food and movement.
  • Personal challenges to help you create the health and weight loss results you long for.
  • Customizable habit trackers to help you create lasting change.
  • Plus, much, much more!

I hope you’ll check it out!  I know if you do these techniques will change your life just like they did mine!

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