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How to Maximize your Productivity While you Sleep

By Cassie

September 1, 2020

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There is no single thing you will spend more time doing in your life than sleeping.  On average we need approximately 8 hours of sleep per day, which is about 1 /3 of our time.  That means you’re likely to spend about 25 years of your life off in dreamland!  I know this might seem like such a huge waste.  But sleep is vital to keeping your body, mind, and soul healthy!  In other words, the time you spend sleeping pays huge dividends in what you’re able to accomplish in your waking hours.  So, skimping just won’t do.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your sleep more productive!  Here’s how to maximize your productivity while you sleep!

What Happens During Sleep

Often, we think of sleep as nothing time.  We don’t really consider what’s going on when we’re sleeping and that’s why we aren’t able to maximize our productivity.  When you begin to understand the incredible work being done in our bodies while we sleep, you’ll know how important it is not only to get enough but to use this time to it’s full potential!

Your Body on Sleep

While you sleep your body is still performing all necessary, involuntary functions, such as breathing, circulation and digestion.  However, all these functions are slowed down as your body takes the opportunity to heal it’s self and replenish.  Voluntary functions, like swallowing are not performed while you sleep.  So… that means it’s not just you, everyone drools in their sleep (in case you were wondering).

Your Brain on Sleep

While you sleep parts of your brain that are connected to imagination and base function are both running well.  Your ancestral or “lizard” brain get a lot freer rein during resting hours.  This is partly because the logical frontal lobe is shut off during sleep hours.

Your Soul on Sleep

So, while there haven’t been many studies regarding what is going on spiritually when you sleep anecdotal evidence would suggest that you’re more attuned.  Likely because your logical brain isn’t ruling the roost, you are more perceptive and intuitive while sleeping.  Often people report religious visions, direction, or other supernatural or spiritual events occurring just before, during, or immediately after sleep.  If you think about it, you’ve likely had an experience like this.

Maximize your Productivity While you Sleep

Knowing what you now do about what’s going on while you’re sleeping you may already have come up with some ideas for ways to get the most out of your sleep.  I’ve been practicing sleep productivity maximization for a while now.  These are the tips and techniques that have worked for me!

Eat Light at Night

Heavy late meals and evening snacking can have a profound impact on your quality of sleep!  If you want your body to have unhindered time to repair itself, skip it!  Give your body at least 4 hours without food before heading to bed.  This ensures that food trapped in your digestive system won’t disrupt your rest and that you will be using your physical sleep energy wisely to repair and keep your immune system healthy! 

Consider a Cold Shower

Cold showers have been known to improve muscle rebuilding especially after a particularly challenging workout!  They also cause your body to produce nor-epinephrine which is vital to reducing stress.  Nor-epinephrine helps create a deeper more restful sleep.  And in addition to this, cold showers help to stimulate the immune system.  I don’t recommend a cold shower just before bed but taking one at some point in the day or even switching the water to cold toward the end is very beneficial.  Who knew a small water heater is actually good for your health?


The best time to do your manifestations is just before going to bed!  Here’s why… your mind will fill in the blanks about how you accomplished your goal while you sleep.  There’s no logical interference.  No self-doubt.  Just your mind trying to create the backstory for what you’ve told it!

There is no single part of the brain that’s responsible for storing memories.  That’s why often we’ll notice that we have missing chunks or inaccuracies in them.  Because memories are stored in several parts of the brain and basically the brain often misplaces pieces.

When you do your manifestations at night your brain thinks they have in fact happened.  It then tries to retrieve the memory of how.  Your mind will create elaborate paths, insightful ideas, and some direction for your future action.  It will also create some interesting fanciful goodies… perhaps you ride a purple bejeweled elephant into the Nobel ceremony to receive your prize.  But with the logical part of your brain turned off you’ll find some creative approaches to making your dreams a reality.  You can even go so far as to focus on a specific question.  You’ll be surprised how often you wake with an answer.

Keep a Dream Journal

If you’re going to maximize productivity while you sleep, you’ll need a dream journal.  Keep a notepad and pen next to your bed so you can jot down notes as soon as you wake or just before nodding off.  Don’t expect it to be neat and tidy and it doesn’t have to be full sentenced.  Just writing a few notes to yourself about what’s on your mind (even if you don’t remember your dreams), can give you tremendous insight.  I’m going to suggest that you’re diligent with your dream journal and write in it every morning even if it’s only a word or two.

I’ve found it’s best to do this before my feet even hit the floor!  I roll over, write in my journal, then go wash my face, brush my teeth, and dress for my workout.  Once I’m done with my morning basics, I’ll go back and read what I’ve written and see if it provides any insight.  Sometimes it seems like nonsense, sometimes it takes a few days for me to find it applicable, but often it’s like a light bulb over my head or at least offers some direction or validation.


Meditating just before falling asleep or as soon as you wake produces incredible results.  This is because you’re more spiritually open during these times.  Listen for the still small voice within you.  Expect deeper connection and direction.  Start and end your day with a moment of peace to ensure that you not only have the best sleep possible but also the most productive!

The Most Important Thing

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Getting the most out of your sleep is entirely reliant on getting enough quality sleep.  It is never a waste of time to give your body, mind, and soul the rest they need!  If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep be sure to check out my post about how to get a good night’s sleep!  And remember, sleep is vital to creating and living your best life!  Finding ways to get more out of your sleep time is just plain smart!  So, try out some of these tips tonight!

Tell us how you maximize your productivity while you sleep or in any other way in the comments!

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