June 11


How you can use Art to Destress

By Winifred Tataw

June 11, 2020

art to destress, ways to cope with stress

assorted-color paint strokes artwork

Courtesy of Unsplash Steve Johnson

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know a lot of us have been stuck at home or worried about going outside. Especially if you are in America like I am. Like you, I have been feeling the overwhelming stress or sadness because of the world’s current events and issues being highlighted in the last few months. So I want to talk about how art is such a good destresser. As a Studio Art Major in college, I can testify to how art can better your emotional and mental mood. I am in no shape or form able to give medical advice, but I can share with you my personal art healing journey. 

The best mediums of art for destressing

person painting leaves

Courtesy of Unsplash Joanna Kosinska

Art is such a broad topic and has many different subjects. As a craft artist,  I want to narrow down the field a bit for people who may be lost on what medium they can use to better their stress levels. Painting and coloring are the easiest and most common forms of art destressing. Many art therapists and art therapy companies use painting and coloring as their ways of helping people release toxic emotions and feelings. Adult coloring books have become increasingly popular over the years as a way to cope with stress levels. You can check out my blog on painting for beginners if you are interested in learning how to build a skill.

Releasing Those Emotions 

pink petaled flower digital wallpaper

Courtesy of Unsplash Evie S.

My favorite way to destress with art is by painting. Painting if so freeing for me. It is an easy to use art medium to focus on and has so much utility to it. I paint things as a way to wind down. It is best to let out your emotions through your artwork. This can be in the form of the colors you use (i.e. if you are feeling angry and stressed about something use warmer colors red/orange/yellow.  If you’re feeling more anxious about something use a yellow. If you’re feeling you need some time to sit in sadness use blues or cooler colors.) Color combinations really help show how you’re feeling both to  yourself and others.

You can also use subject matters. I tend to go off the top of my head but I know for most people that might be difficult. Simple subject matters like plants, animals, or even housewares can be the best places to start. I also think abstract pieces work best. It’s a way of really freeing yourself and letting your mind let go and just putting colors or shapes to paper. 

The works I’ve done while distressing:

I hope this post helps you better understand how art can be a way to relax your mind, collect your thoughts,  and give you a clearer sense of how you’re feeling both mentally and emotionally. Especially now when we are going through some trying  times in the world, I hope this gives you an outlet to express yourself freely.

Thank you guys for reading. Stay safe and remember: live, love, laugh! 

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A Note From Cassie:

Winnifred is an established blogger at Winsbooks who writes about Art, Books and Creative DIY projects! Creativity is so important to self-care and stress reduction and I’m so grateful she shared this post with our community! Please, check out her blog and get inspired! Remember… there is no “wrong” in art and literature, just enjoyment! You deserve a creative outlet and freedom!

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