February 13


I’m Going to Rise! Wanna Come?

By Cassie

February 13, 2020

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Results will be announced Thurs, Feb 20 at 9pm EST on Instagram & Facebook Live

I’m going to rise! So, I’ve been walking around for almost a year saying this.  About 3 months ago I realized what an incredible affirmation it is because I really am rising!  In fact… I’m like a phoenix!  I HAVE risen and I’m not stopping!

You see, I didn’t have an ideal life, quite far from it but that’s never stopped me.  I’ve always looked at my struggles, circumstances and mistakes and wondered how I could learn and grow.  And throughout the years I’ve discovered all sorts of tools, techniques and tricks to be able to rise regardless of what’s happening around me!

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Your Dream is Too Big!

So, about a year ago I heard a small voice within me telling me that I MUST teach people how to do this!  I needed to share what I had learned to inspire and motivate others!

Unfortunately, my gut was saying “start a blog”!  Why do I say “unfortunately”?  Well, because I was a techniphobe who could barely use Word or keep up with Facebook!  I was literally terrified of all things tech, didn’t know any of the lingo and had absolutely no idea where to start!  I honestly thought this was too big a dream and there must be some other way!  But, I did it anyway!  Because when something inside you tells you that you MUST do it, you find a way! 

I built the website you’re looking at now and wrote over 15 posts before I even launched.  It was frustrating and terrifying sometimes.  And to be honest there were days I cried and almost tossed my computer out the window.  But I persisted.  This was a dream I had to pursue!  I knew this was my life’s purpose!  I knew I had to rise and I did!

Made for More

I firmly believe that everyone is made for more!  But I also know that not everyone wants more!  There are plenty of people who are very comfortable and complacent.  I was one of them!  I’d built this incredible exceptional life and was very happy to just settle into it.  But how could I do this when I knew that others needed to hear my story and message!

So, here’s the thing… there are people in your life, your circle and the world who need to hear your story and need to watch you rise!  It won’t just change your life; it will change the lives of everyone around you!  Are you ready to step into your best self and build your best life?  If you are, I want to help you become the phoenix I know you are!  Rise from your ashes and fly free, because you were made for more!

Contest Information

To help you rise, I’m giving away 1 general admission ticket to Rise Toronto Mar 5 – 7.  It includes a Rise swag bag and seating in the general admission section.  Since about 40% of Rise Attenders go solo there are programs in place to help Solo Risers connect and make friends.  Plus, you can always pal around with me if you’d like.  I’m happy to make a new friend!  Babies in arms are welcome at Rise and they have nursing and pumping accommodations for new moms.  You can find more information about Rise Toronto by visiting the Hollis Co. Rise webpage. 

Tony Robbins always says that for a person to truly benefit from a personal development conference they need to have some skin in the game.  This usually means they pay for the ticket (in this case over $600).  I know people have more that they can commit with than just cash!  So, I’m asking you to become a member of our community to show your commitment to self-improvement.  Simple as that!  I’ll be choosing winner at random (using an app, created for this purpose) on Feb 20.  The winner will be announced on Instagram and Facebook Live at 9pm.  And the ticket will be transferred into the name of the winner and arrive via email on Feb 21! 

Friends share good stuff with friends.  So, feel free to share this post far and wide!  Best of luck to all of you!!!

Fine Print Info

This giveaway is not affiliated with Hollis Co., WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  It includes the ticket only, all transportation, accommodations, food and incidentals are the responsibility of the winner not Upcycled Adulting LLC.

Only 1 entry per person!

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