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  • Live Teaching 
  • Guided Book Club
  • Exclusive Video Content and Resources
  • Masterclass Replays and Workbooks
  • Community Engagement
  • Early Product Access and Special Offers
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What is Inner Circle?

Inner Circle is our one-stop destination for all things Upcycled!  It is designed to let people who are working on their goals and dreams have a safe, distraction-free place to interact with each other and learn.

Here you'll see everything that I do all in one place - my blogs, social media posts, videos, and more.

Plus, you'll get access to a ton of Exclusive content and coaching not available anywhere else!

Inner Circle - Exclusive Access and Learning Content

Inner Circle is designed to be a place for ongoing learning, community engagement, and enrichment. There is exclusive new content added every week and numerous live-interactions each month.  Here are some of the key things that you'll get with Inner Circle:

  • Live Teaching: I conduct live trainings several times each month on a variety of topics for Inner Circle members.  You can even interact and ask questions!
  • Online Courses: Multi-part courses with video lessons, workbooks and progress tracking. Learn at your own pace!
  • Masterclass Replays and Workbooks: Only Inner Circle will have access to the Replays and Workbooks for every public Workshop and Masterclass event that I do.
  • Exclusive Video Content and Resources:  Learning Videos, Downloadable Workbooks, Tip Sheets and more - just for Inner Circle members!   
  • Guided Book Club:  I'm so excited about this one!  Read carefully selected books on a guided schedule to complement and enrich your growth experience and enjoy our live book club meetings!
  • Community Engagement:  Hang out with people who are working on similar things as you! For Accountability, validation, or just good old-fashioned fun, this is an Amazing Group!
  • Early Product Access and Special Offers:  Inner Circle members enjoy Early Access to new products and Special Offers (Discounts, Free Access to certain Paid Workshops, and more!). With these deals, being a member of Inner Circle pays for itself!

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie and the Small Step Method

I Can Ask for Help!

When I was 22 my friends would joke about how dire it would have to be for me to ask for help. I realized while I'm fiercely independent and a rescuer, that I need people too. I started with safe people. People who, even if they couldn't help wouldn't make me feel diminished for asking. Thousands of small steps later, I can ask for help AND let the person help in their own way, without trying to control it.


I Feel Fantastic!

I don't want to brag to the world, but I just wanted to tell my people: I FEEL FANTASTIC! I am so happy seeing the positive effects of my healthy changes. I know life will have curveballs with stressful things but my mindset can handle them so much more now. I am happy so much more. My boundaries are natural and comfortable. I set myself up for success...I am witnessing this pay off in my life in every way and cannot say enough about it!

Victoria W.

Take the Small Step!

I decided right there and then to stop sabotaging myself for no reason (well, maybe fear)...Take the Small Step, you won't die, I didn't!