September 13


Maximum Impact: How to Celebrate Your Wins & Why it Matters

By Cassie

September 13, 2021

celebrate your wins, how to accomplish goals

We learn most of what we know before we even start school.  You know, all the hard stuff, walking, talking, potty training, feeding ourselves.  It’s not always easy and some of us catch on a little faster than others but somehow, we get there.  If you’ve ever watched a young child tackling the nuances of telling a joke or taking first steps you’ve probably noticed something very interesting.  Something different from the way we learn and grow as adults (or even older children).  Kids under 5 celebrate all their wins, even the silly stuff.  They even celebrate when they’re falling down every 3 steps.  They smile, laugh, and clap.  And y’all, they’re on to something.  It turns out that celebrating your wins is the key to sustained growth and accomplishing your goals.

Why Does it Matter

You might be thinking this whole thing sounds a little hokey.  That maybe this is a big, huge waste of time.  But here’s the thing.  Celebrating your wins makes all the difference in the world and here’s why.

Celebrating your wins…

In general, celebrating your wins benefits every part of your life.  And no, you won’t get a big head or become insufferable.  It’ll actually make you a more positive, encouraging, and pleasant person to be around.

Here’s the thing, when you feel good about what you’re doing you’re more likely to make progress, accomplish your goals and feel satisfied with your life in general.  Think about it, if hurt people hurt people, then it stands to reason that inspired people inspire people and happy people spread happiness. 

How to Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrating your wins doesn’t have to be a huge production.  Sometimes it can be as simple as writing them down and acknowledging them or sharing with someone we love.  Give yourself a pat on the back or clap for yourself like you used to when you were a kid.  The most important thing is that we celebrate our wins daily… yes… I did say DAILY!  Don’t’ wait to celebrate the progress you’re making.  Celebrate now!

Here’s how…

  • Keep an accomplishment journal.
  • Create milestones and rewards.
  • Give yourself time to rest.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Tell a friend.
  • Plan a vacation.
  • Throw a party.

Just remember that all the wins count… every last one of them!  Giving yourself credit for the progress you’re making matters.


Save it! Share it! Pin it!

Often as adults we’re so hard on ourselves and rather than celebrating we get caught in an endless stream of self-punishment.  Remember, you get what you focus your attention on so if you’re seeking failures, you’ll find them and if you’re looking for wins well, you’ll find them too.  This one simple little thing is such a game changer. It makes all the difference in the world and is the secret ingredient to ensuring that you hit your goals.  And y’all… hitting your goals = even more wins to celebrate!  So, don’t forget to celebrate your wins daily. 

Oh… and this counts, learning the importance of celebrating your wins counts as something to celebrate, so get to it!

If you’re struggling to identify and accomplish your goals don’t hesitate to schedule a free discovery call with me!  You deserve to celebrate today and every day!

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