Meet Cassie, a real person and motivational coach

Hi! I’m Cassie Feld, and I’m not a self-help guru! I’m just a real person like you who learned first-hand that balancing Mind, Body and Soul wellness is essential to a happy, fulfilling life.

I’ve struggled with mental health and physical health issues throughout my life. Growing up, self-improvement and the idea of having a life coach just didn't seem accessible to me. It felt out of reach, and I didn’t know anyone who was committed to health, wellness or self-improvement. A child of teen parents who always struggled financially and didn’t have the time or money for such luxuries has no real connection to that world.

I always knew that I wanted more, though. I wanted to break the cycles that existed in my family, and I was a BIG dreamer––even as a child! 

So I dug in - hard - and well...

I found out what it's like to read all the books and follow all the right people. I'm sure you've also heard how you can lose weight, build the business of your dreams, or save your relationship from the "best of the best" self-improvement gurus. They all offer "proven" strategies to solve your personal problem, BUT that solution is rarely personalized to fit YOUR situation. You end up with a to-do list a mile long, little support, and too many voices telling you what to do when you need a solution that works FOR YOU now! 

I've experienced the overwhelm that comes with knowing what I want but not knowing where to start and then figuring out where to start but not being equipped to keep it up. When I was at my lowest, I had to turn down all the noise and figure out what I could do today to make a difference in my circumstances. And I realized that the self-help tools and methods that these “personal development coaches” were pushing just weren't going to cut it.

That's when I created The Small Step Method.  It worked for me so I decided that I just had to share it!  I've taught it to so many people and seen it work for them.  I can't wait to share it with you too!

- Cassie