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No-Sew Unpaper Towels Tutorial

If you’ve ever considered switching off of paper towels and going to something more sustainable check this out. Here’s a simple way to make unpaper towels without any sewing!

How to make no sew unpaper towels

We’ve been using out no sew paper towels for about a week now! Guess what!?!? Even my husband is using them! He was a hard NO when I first said I wanted to switch! In his defense, he isn’t a big fan of change and he’d never seen or even heard of this idea! At first he was a little worried that they wouldn’t be absorbent enough but he quickly discovered that they are actually BETTER than paper towels! I ended up making mine 7 in x 9 in and squirting the glue directly onto the edge then hanging them to dry on a metal clothes drying rack. That was the easiest way to do it!

So, here’s that second video I promised! In it I explain how I set up my dispenser and what we do with the used ones until we’re ready to wash!

I hope that inspired you to try out this project yourself!

Let me know if you use unpaper towels in the comments below! If not, what’s stopping you?

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