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Gain confidence and accomplish your goals, one Small Step at a time! Upcycled Adulting online self-improvement courses are designed to help you build more confidence in your abilities and create real, sustainable changes in your life. Choose the self-improvement program that makes the most sense for you, with bundled collections that can help you create the life of your dreams

Each course in our collections is structured around the Small Step Method, my exclusive learning methodology, which is the foundation of everything I teach. This method is based on 3 core principles:

  1. Believing that you are capable and worth it.
  2. Changing your actions to align with those beliefs through achievable Small Steps.
  3. Seeing real results that last!

I read all the books and spent tons of time in courses and what I found was that none of them really worked in my real life.  The Small Step Method, which I developed with all that knowledge I had gained, plus my own understanding of what’s practical and possible in the real world and how to sustain it, is how I solved that problem. 

With this method, I’ve been able to accomplish some incredible things in my own life:

  • Overcome a worsening auto-immune condition
  • Take control of my Anxiety and Depression
  • Develop and maintain relationships that are mutually nurturing and rewarding
  • Set and accomplish my goals (Like starting a successful business)
  • Raise 5 incredible kids, 2 of whom have special needs
  • Have the life of my dreams!

Most importantly, I’ve developed a way to teach this method to others, who have seen similar results in every area of their lives.

Our Course Collections:

All of us have things we’d like to improve about our lives. Click on one of the bundles below and take that first Small Step toward big positive changes.

Our bundled self-improvement courses are carefully curated to provide you with all of the guidance you need to solve whatever personal problem is in your way. Purchase the whole collection as a bundle, or pick and choose individual courses. You’ll get expert guidance based on my own experiences, as well as actionable tools to help you change your beliefs, your actions, and your approach to the things that matter most.

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm – The only person who can get you where you want to go is YOU! Tackle big topics like taking control of your time, your finances, your relationships, your health, and your home, and empower yourself to be the driver of your own progress.

Manage Your Health – This bundle teaches you how to love, nourish, move, listen to, and rest your body so that you can thrive physically and give your body the care it deserves.

Master Your Time - We all have 24 hours in a day, but we don’t all know how to make the most of them. Replace chaos with calm, and discover how you can overcome time challenges, better manage your time and to-do lists, and find that elusive 25th hour for getting everything done. 

Optimize Your Household – In this bundle, you’ll learn how to prioritize household tasks and finish the projects you start. Other topics include organization, cleaning, and figuring out how to divide up tasks so everyone does their part toward a happy home. 

I hope to see you in our community and can't wait to hear how your Course Collection is working in your life!

What People are Saying About The Small Step Method

Hi Cassie! I wanted to let you know that you have helped me more in the last couple of months than anyone or anything has.

Carol // Learning Customer

I decided right there and then to stop sabotaging myself for no reason (well, maybe fear). ...Take the small step, you won't die, I didn't!

Michelle // Learning Customer

...Last year I would have caved and said yes, even if it made me more stressed...but I stuck to my guns and told her I WOULD NOT be doing it!!!!! I'm glad I learned about the importance of making ME a priority.

Kristen // Learning Customer

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