Health Management – Bundle + Coaching


Introducing the most inclusive and comprehensive health management class you’ll find anywhere!

It includes 5 courses:

  1. Love Your Body
  2. Nourish Your Body
  3. Move Your Body
  4. Rest Your Body
  5. Listen to Your Body

All of our courses include 5 days of video instruction, an information packed companion workbook, and homework and activities to help you implement what you’re learning every day.

In addition, all bundle members receive access to our free exclusive Facebook community where you will find additional live trainings and resources along with a community of supportive, encouraging, like minded people who are also committed to their growth and building their very best lives.

You deserve the life you’ve been dreaming of and you deserve to feel your very best – today and always!

5 Amazing Courses to Help You Manage Your Health!

Course 1 – Love Your Body:

Learn how to build the foundation of excellent lifelong health and weight loss, body love.

Course 2 – Nourish Your Body:

Understand and apply the basic nutrition principles that are almost universally agreed upon and how to make them work inside your real life (you’ll even create your own healthy weekly meal plan).

Course 3 – Move Your Body:

Find exercise you love and look forward to and fit it into your life so you can create and maintain healthy exercise habits.

Course 4 – Rest Your Body:

Discover the importance of sleep and find out how to fall asleep faster and achieve restful sleep regularly.  You’ll even leave this course with a customized bedtime routine and the ability to help the rest of your family create one as well.

Course 5 – Listen to Your Body:

Dig deep into fine tuning your health and addressing the common symptoms that are preventing you from feeling your very best every day.  Including understanding elimination diets, how to care for your micro-biome and gut health, how to identify issues with hydration, movement, and rest and when and how to get professional help.


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