Household Management – Bundle + Coaching


This bundle was designed to help you simplify household management from routine care to projects and decluttering (and help you get the help you need and deserve).  It’s time to ditch the never-ending to-do list and create peace and contentment in your home!

This bundle includes 6 courses:

  1. Household Mindset
  2. Organization and Streamlining
  3. Clearing the Clutter
  4. Cleaning Routines
  5. Projects Start to Finish
  6. Sharing the Load

All of our courses include 5 days of video instruction, an information packed companion workbook, and homework and activities to help you implement what you’re learning every day.

In addition, all bundle members receive access to our free exclusive Facebook community where you will find additional live trainings and resources along with a community of supportive, encouraging, like minded people who are also committed to their growth and building their very best lives.

You deserve the life you’ve been dreaming of and you deserve to feel your very best – today and always!

6 Amazing Courses to Help You Manage Your Household!

Course 1 – Household Mindset:

Learn to ditch the overwhelming, undermining mindsets related to household management so you can get off the hamster wheel, finally feel like you’re doing enough, and get the help you deserve.

Course 2 – Organization and Streamlining:

If you dream of having a house that runs like a fine oiled machine, this is the course for you!  Learn the organizational techniques and automations that will streamline your workload and allow you to have a tidy, easy to manage home with minimal effort.

Course 3 – Clearing the Clutter:

Whether the clutter in your house has taken on a life of its own or you’re simply looking to streamline this is the course for you!  Become empowered and equipped to confidently tackle the clutter, maintain your results, and maybe even make a little money along the way!  Give up the overwhelm, take control, and live in the clutter free house you’ve been dreaming of!  Start today!

Course 4 – Cleaning Routines:

Keeping up with household tasks doesn’t have to be challenging and overwhelming.  Learn how to create a cleaning routine that enables you to get everything done in the most efficient way for your unique life circumstances so you can have more time and energy for fun, family, and rest.

Course 5 – Projects Start to Finish:

If you’re feeling like your household projects are piling up and you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.  You are not alone!  This course will help you identify, prioritize, and schedule your projects (with consideration of your time, money, and energy) so you can get them done!

Course 6 – Sharing the Load:

Not only do you not have to do it all but it’s vitally important that you don’t.  Learn how to share the load without the arguments, reminders, or frustration.


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