Organization and Streamlining


If you dream of having a house that runs like a fine oiled machine, this is the course for you!  Learn the organizational techniques and automations that will streamline your workload and allow you to have a tidy, easy to manage home with minimal effort.

Who doesn’t dream of having a home where everything runs smoothly with minimal effort? Establishing organizational systems and automations is the key to making this dream a reality.  Give yourself a huge leg up in managing life’s curve balls by having the systems in place to maintain your household with ease.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction: Learn how to implement organizational techniques, automations, and routines that make your home easier to care for.
  • Day 1:  Organization – Techniques to organize your home in a way that makes it easy to put everything back where it belongs, avoid pesky questions about where things are, and even get you out the door faster!
  • Day 2: Papers – Learn to organize all the papers in your house to reduce work, clutter, and that inevitable anxiety that comes with feeling like you’ve lost or forgotten something.
  • Day 3:  Automations – Create automations and routines your whole family can help out with to minimize the workload and keep the house tidy.
  • Day 4: Intentional Spaces -This often-overlooked technique is the secret to preventing messes and maintaining a clean home with almost no ongoing effort!
  • Day 5:  Collaboration – Learn how to get everyone in your household involved in organizing, streamlining, and maintaining the systems once they’re established.
  • Quiz – Test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Includes a printable Workbook with detailed explanations and thoughtful exercises and homework to enhance each daily lesson.

Lessons, review, homework and exercises are designed to take 30-40 minutes per day.


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