Rest Your Body


Learn why sleep matters so much to your health and how it impacts every area of your life, how to fall asleep fast and sleep all night, create your unique bedtime routine, and know when to seek professional help.  This course included video instruction, a companion workbook, and homework and activities to help you create your perfect night’s sleep every night.

The impact of quality rest is well documented but often ignored.  Sleep has risen to the number 2 factor in weight loss and is essential for maintaining good health.  Over 1/3 of your life should be spent sleeping and while this may seem like a profound waste of time, especially in today’s hustle culture, it is anything but.  Sleeping allows your body to repair itself and is essential to improving cognitive function.

Prioritizing sleep increases productivity, creativity, and improves mood and function.  In this course, you’ll learn how to do this in order to take full advantage of these incredible benefits!

Course Overview:

  • Introduction:  Learn why sleep is so essential to good health and how to fall asleep fast and get the quality rest you need to perform at your best every day.
  • Day 1:  Understanding Sleep – Understanding the purpose and function of sleep can help you learn to prioritize it.
  • Day 2: Sleep Trends – Recognizing your sleep trends can help you create the flexibility you need in your sleep schedule to always feel your best.
  • Day 3:  Sleep Essentials – Everything you need to know about creating optimal sleep conditions.
  • Day 4: Bedtime Routines – Learn to create the optimal bedtime routine for yourself and everyone in your family.
  • Day 5:  Sleep Intervention – Learn when to seek professional help and what types of tests and professionals to consider.
  • Quiz – Test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Includes a printable Workbook with detailed explanations and thoughtful exercises and homework to enhance each daily lesson.

Lessons, review, homework and exercises are designed to take 30-40 minutes per day.


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