Take Control of Your Home


Taking care of your home can feel incredibly overwhelming and demanding and the worst part is, it’s never ending! With this course, you’ll learn how to care for a household by creating clarity, prioritizing tasks and projects, and getting the help you need when enough is enough.

Learning how to run a household takes time, patience and effort. The work can feel endless at times, but by simply creating a game plan and asking yourself the right questions, achieving total control over your home is possible! Instead of searching how to take care of my house, see what our course can offer you.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction:  Welcome to Take Control of Your Home
  • Day 1:  What Needs to Get Done? – For every person, household, and family there is a unique list of things that need to be done.
  • Day 2: What Matters Most? – Not everything in your home is a “must-do”.
  • Day 3:  Who Can Do It? – Find out how to share the load, what to share, and whom you can share it with.
  • Day 4: Create a Plan – Learn about the various ways to fit your household tasks into your daily life seamlessly and make a plan to get you started.
  • Day 5:  Projects and More – Take control of your household projects.
  • Quiz – Test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Includes a printable Workbook with detailed explanations and thoughtful exercises and homework to enhance each daily lesson.

Lessons, review, homework and exercises are designed to take 30-40 minutes per day.


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