Take Control of Your Life – Bundle + Coaching


The Take Control of Your Life bundle of courses is designed to teach you how to create clarity and how to reduce stress and overwhelm in some of the most challenging areas of life. More than just a stress management course, this bundle will teach you to build important skills, develop healthy habits and maintain a new mindset going forward.

It includes 5 courses:

  1. Take Control of Your Money
  2. Take Control of Your Time
  3. Take Control of Your Home
  4. Take Control of Your Health
  5. Take Control of Your Relationships

5 Amazing Courses to Help You Take Control of Your Life!

Course 1 – Take Control of Your Money:

Creating intention and clarity regarding money management can help you reduce overwhelm, build financial freedom, and become empowered to make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family.  In this course you’ll learn where you’re at, what your personal values and financial style are and how to align your financial choices to your values and priorities.

Course 2 – Take Control of Your Time:

Learn to create clarity and intention about how to utilize your most precious and limited resource, time, so you can reduce stress, overwhelm, and help prevent burn out. Learning how not to feel overwhelmed will allow you to pursue your goals, prioritize yourself, connect with those you love, and enjoy your life.

Course 3 – Take Control of Your Home:

Taking care of your home can feel incredibly overwhelming and demanding and the worst part is, it’s never ending!  Learn to create clarity, prioritize your tasks and projects, and get help so you can say enough is enough to feeling like it’s never enough and finally find peace in your home!

Course 4 – Take Control of Your Health:

Feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information regarding diet, exercise, and health care?  Learn the basic lifestyle health principles everyone agrees upon so you can begin confidently taking small, consistent steps toward your optimal weight and health.

Course 5 – Take Control of Your Relationships:

Learn how to identify and ask for what you need and want, communicate boundaries, and make healthy, confident choices about your relationships so you can create deeper, more meaningful connections, decrease overwhelm and frustration, stop second guessing yourself, and feel amazing about your relationships.


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