The Small Step Workshop

The 5 Most Common Obstacles to Accomplishing Goals

And How to Overcome Them with My Proprietary Small Step Method!

One Day Can Bring About a Year of Change!  Join Me for This FREE Live Workshop and I'll Show You How.

With Cassie Feld - CEO and Founder of Upcycled Adulting

LIVE:  February 8, 2023 at 7pm ET

Replay and Workbook Available in my Inner Circle Community

Are Struggling With Your Goals Because You:

Have Lost Your Motivation or Willpower?

Then This Workshop is for You!

My Goal is to Help You Accomplish Your Goals

My proprietary Small Step Method is at the core of everything I teach - because it works! This method is based on my own experience and a ton of research into behavioral science, phycology, and even neuroscience!  

It's been proven to work over and over - and my clients have enjoyed Hundreds of success stories!

In this Live Workshop I'll explain the Small Step Method in detail and show you how to use it to overcome 5 of the most common obstacles to accomplishing your goals:

  • Loss of Motivation or Willpower
  • Being Too Busy to Work on Your Goal
  • Procrastinating Your Goal Work
  • Fear of Failure (or, surprisingly - Success!)
  • Getting Distracted

If you struggle with any of these, then this workshop is for you!  

Join me Live on February 8, 2023 at 7pm ET

(Replay Available by Joining my Inner Circle Community)

Let's Make 2023 Amazing!

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie and the Small Step Method

I'm Fixed Toward Success!

I’ve discovered things about myself and how my inner voice can sabotage my growth. Cassie and her team have helped me unleash momentum and intentionality that I didn’t even know existed. I’m fixed towards success.



This has been amazing, eye-opening, and validating...Thank you so very much!


I Can Ask for Help!

When I was 22 my friends would joke about how dire it would have to be for me to ask for help. I realized while I'm fiercely independent and a rescuer, that I need people too. I started with safe people. People who, even if they couldn't help wouldn't make me feel diminished for asking. Thousands of small steps later, I can ask for help AND let the person help in their own way, without trying to control it.