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My 7 Best Tips for Reducing Stress and Overwhelm!

I'll walk you through each strategy in detail in this Live Masterclass and take your questions!  You'll learn how to build a more intentional and rewarding life by keeping the chaos under control!

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Monday Oct. 2 at 7PM ET

Live with Clarity and Intention - and Without Overwhelm or Stress!

In this Live Masterclass, I'll walk you though 7 powerful steps to reducing Overwhelm and Stress in a way that fits into your real life! 

I can't wait to see you there!


Live With Greater Intention

Enjoy your life and relationships more deeply, be present in the moments that matter most, create meaning and pursue a purpose that will help foster a sense of self-confidence and pride!

Create Clarity

Learn to Prioritize what matters most to you and give yourself permission to let go of comparison-thinking and outside expectations.

Set Boundaries

Step away from people-pleasing and understand when to say no by learning to set boundaries.

Small-Step It!

The Small Step Method is my exclusive approach to implementing REAL change in your life.  Focus on incremental positive action and watch the wins rack up!

What People are Saying About Working with Cassie

I Can Ask for Help!

When I was 22 my friends would joke about how dire it would have to be for me to ask for help. I realized while I'm fiercely independent and a rescuer, that I need people too. I started with safe people. People who, even if they couldn't help wouldn't make me feel diminished for asking. Thousands of small steps later, I can ask for help AND let the person help in their own way, without trying to control it.


I'm So Grateful for This!

I’m so grateful for this...I have actionable steps to be working on myself instead of just wishing for it. The support has been wonderful...!


You Are Still a Huge Part of My Daily Motivation!

I am grateful for you.  At 47, for the first time in my life I actually like who I am. Not everyone realizes the agreements we make with ourselves that cause all the negative self talk. Thanks for allowing me in this space.

You inspire me.  This morning my affirmations brought me to tears. The power behind them now is larger than it has ever been. Thank you!

Marshall K.

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Monday, October 2 2023