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Stress Management Courses - Reduce Stress and Overwhelm and Finally
Take Control of Your Life!

You deserve to have a life you enjoy!

Are You

 Tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

You’re not alone!

Sure, life can get hectic and busy sometimes but if you feel like you’re drowning, you need a lifeline.  And that doesn’t mean a vacation or a day of self-care.  It means real clarity and real change so you can catch your breath and feel contented and accomplished in your life every day. That’s why we offer our stress management courses.

I get it, you’re juggling all the things; home, health, finances, relationships, and trying to do it all in a very tight time window.  It feels like something just has to give but you’re way to busy and overwhelmed to get caught up let along get ahead.  How long can you really continue going through the motions of your life and feeling like you’re never really making any progress?

With 5 kids, including 2 with special needs, businesses running out of my house and extended family commitments and expectations, I know what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends, to feel like you’re working endlessly but getting nowhere, and to live each day feeling more overwhelmed and stressed out than the day before

I tried everything I could think of to get caught up, to create meaning and intention in my life, and to just create a little breathing room.  But nothing worked.  All the expert advice just gave me a longer to-do list and more reasons to feel like a failure.  And then I got sick… very sick!  That’s when I realized that continuing the way I had been just wasn’t an option.  I was desperate for a solution, so I created The Small Step Method.

Now for the first time ever I’m offering everyone access to the Small Step Method approach in self-guided, easy to follow courses that are designed to help you take control of the most problematic and overwhelming parts of your life.  And the best part is, the techniques you’ll learn are applicable to your real life and circumstances and easy to maintain. 

You deserve to have peace in your life and even time to relax, have fun, and pursue your goals. Let me show you how to not feel overwhelmed. Don’t wait until you burn out or melt down. Don’t work and stress yourself to the point of exhaustion or illness.  Make the choice today to build an intentional life you enjoy!

Upcycled Adulting's Take Control of Your Life Collection: 5 Powerful Courses in One Bundle!

When you sign up for the Take Control of Your Life Collection you receive instant, lifetime access to 5 incredibly powerful courses!  In these courses, you'll learn how to reduce stress and overwhelm in your Health, Home, Finances, Relationships and Schedule by spending a week on each topic with Video Lessons, Workbook Summaries, Homework and Quizzes.

Save 25% With Bundles!

Save 25% With Bundles!

Here’s What You’ll Get When With Our Take Control of Your Life Courses

Everything we do at Upcycled Adulting is based on our unique methodology - The Small Step Method.  This approach focuses on 1) Believing that you are capable and worth it; 2) Changing your actions to align with those beliefs through achievable Small Steps; 3) Seeing real results that last!

In our Take Control of Your Life Collection, you will see immediate results in the right direction for each of the focus areas (Reducing Stress and Overwhelm in your Health, Home, Finances, Relationships and Schedule).  Most importantly, you will learn how to build on each small success - over and over again, gaining the confidence and power that comes with knowing that you feel great and that you deserve to! In our courses, you’ll learn how to not feel overwhelmed.

Each course contains:

Daily Video Lessons

Relatable, straight to the point lessons on the topic and more importantly, how to implement it into your real life.  

Comprehensive Workbooks

Summaries of each day's lessons, with detailed explanations of the concepts and techniques covered.

Daily Activities and Homework

Activities that you can implement and measure your progress.  Homework that reinforces the content.


A basic quiz at the end of each course that will allow you to test your understanding of the material.  

What people are saying about our Life Management offerings:

I love to hear how people have benefited from the Small Step Method in all areas of their life - and reducing Stress and Overwhelm in key areas of your life are huge wins:) 

~ Cassie


I am witnessing this pay off in my life in every way and cannot say enough about it!


I'm glad I learned about the importance of making ME a priority!


The has been amazing! Cassie teaches everything in small, attainable, simple small steps that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. This has been a game-changer for me.

The Take Control of Your Life Collection of Courses

Each of the stress management courses below is designed to be completed in 1-week, with 5 video lessons, daily workbook summaries, exercises and homework and quizzes.  Each lesson and workbook activities are designed to take about an hour each day.


Course 1: Take Control of Your Health

Feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information regarding diet, exercise, and health care?  Learn the basic lifestyle health principles everyone agrees upon so you can begin confidently taking small, consistent steps toward your optimal weight and health.


Course 2: Take Control of Your Home

Taking care of your home can feel incredibly overwhelming and demanding and the worst part is, it’s never ending!  Learn to create clarity, prioritize your tasks and projects, and get help so you can say enough is enough to feeling like it’s never enough and finally find peace in your home!


Course 3: Take Control of Your Money

Creating intention and clarity regarding money management can help you reduce overwhelm, build financial freedom, and become empowered to make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family.  In this course you’ll learn where you’re at, what your personal values and financial style are and how to align your financial choices to your values and priorities.


Course 4: Take Control of Your Relationships

Learn how to identify and ask for what you need and want, communicate boundaries, and make healthy, confident choices about your relationships so you can create deeper, more meaningful connections, decrease overwhelm and frustration, stop second guessing yourself, and feel amazing about your relationships.


Course 5: Take Control of Your Time

Learn to create clarity and intention about how to utilize your most precious and limited resource, time, so you can reduce stress, overwhelm, and help prevent burn out. Learning how not to feel overwhelmed will allow you to pursue your goals, prioritize yourself, connect with those you love, and enjoy your life. Are you ready to find out how to take control of your life and be happy?

About The Instructor - Cassie Feld

Cassie Feld is the Founder and CEO of Upcycled Adulting.  She has extensive experience creating content, methods and approaches to help people achieve the life of their dreams.  Through years of personal struggle with mental and physical health, Cassie delved deeply into hundreds of source materials, courses and whatever she could get her hands on.  What she found all seemed to be missing a critical ingredient - how to actually make it work inside of someone's real, busy, messy life!  That's when she decided to take what she had learned and mold into something new - The Small Step Method.   

Cassie used this approach to transform her own life into something that she wakes up excited about every day and goes to bed completely satisfied with every night.  Then she started Upcycled Adulting and began sharing this approach with others - who have experienced similar results.  She can't wait to share it with you too!

Affordable Online Courses

Here’s what people are saying about Cassie


Cassie helped me realize I was trying to pursue a life that wasn't for me. What I thought I wanted was only to prove to others that I am enough...You made me believe in myself and in every small step I take. Thank you so much!


You are still a huge part of my daily motivation!

You helped start this journey of self awareness...Its weird, this being happy and not constantly feeling like a rain cloud follows me around


I’ve discovered things about myself and how my inner voice can sabotage my growth. Cassie and her team have helped me unleash momentum and intentionality that I didn’t even know existed. I’m fixed towards success.

What's it Worth to Reduce Your Stress?

What’s it worth to you to become the author of your own life?  To wake up every day with clarity and purpose and fall asleep every night feeling proud and accomplished? To know how to not feel overwhelmed? What happens when you take control of your life? I spent thousands of dollars and most of my life seeking peace, contentment, and balance.  I was willing to try almost anything to remove the boulder of pressure, stress, and chaos from my shoulders.  The Small Step Method is the only thing that worked for me, and it’s worked for many others too!

In this bundle, which consists of Five 1-week courses (about a month if you go through the weekends!),  I am sharing information, detailed implementation techniques, and providing tools that will help you to create clarity, build confidence, and streamline your workload in the 5 most demanding and stressful parts of your life, Time, Money, Relationships, Health, and Home.  You’ll learn how to prioritize what matters most for you, make time for yourself and your needs, and let go of things that aren’t moving the needle but are distracting nuisances.  The techniques you’ll learn in this bundle have helped me and countless others take control of our lives and lay the foundation for accomplishing our goals.

So ask yourself this:  What is it worth to finally find peace in your life.  To have the time and energy you need to do the things that matter most to you and spend time with those you love most.  What is it worth to be able to make space in your life to identify and pursue your purpose and goals.  How would it feel to know every single day that you did an amazing job and can truly unwind and relax. Remember, you are in control of your life.

Single Course

$ 39

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Workbook
  • Completion Certificate

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I promise that you'll love these courses and that if you apply the lessons in them, you'll see benefits in your life.  And - I'll back that up with a 30-day guarantee

I won't make it hard either - just send me an email at info@upcycledadulting.com within 30 days of purchasing any course or bundle and let me know why you're not satisfied.  If we can't work it out for you, we'll issue a refund.  Simple as that!

Thank You!

Whether you end up purchasing a bundle or course, I want to say thanks!  Thanks for taking the time to check out these offerings and I sincerely hope that you saw something that was of value to you.  Be sure to check out my blog and social channels - there's lots of great content that I really hope you find helpful.

If you decide to purchase a bundle or course, I really look forward to working with you.  I'll always be available to answer any questions you may have and I can't wait to hear how the Small Step Method is helping to transform your life!

     - Cassie