Thanks!  I'll Email the 75 to Thrive Overview to you shortly,

but first...

75 to Thrive is a powerful, life-changing challenge for midlife women with tremendous benefits to your health and wellbeing. It can be a bit intense to get started and stay on track.  The overview I'll be sending you today will help you get going and track your progress.

But to really give you a great jumping off point and even more support I'm offering a 

75 to Thrive Live Workshop

On July 29, 2024 at 8pm ET

This 1-hour workshop will go into detail on each of the 6 core planks of the challenge and how to implement them in the most beneficial way for you.  Plus, as a bonus, I'll talk about the best way to stay motivated and on track with your health and wellness plan!

This is the best way to kick off your challenge successfully!