August 20


The 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award

By Cassie

August 20, 2019

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Thank You!

I am so proud and honored to be nominated for the 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you to Jonathan at My Vertigo and Me! I was SO surprised and excited to be nominated, especially by such a talented and impactful blogger as Jonathan. I recommend that you all check out his blog. It’s loaded with incredible and inspirational information.

I am SO beyond grateful for my readers and social media followers who inspire me to continue creating content even through some of my most challenging personal struggles. I’m happy to know that I am helping others and in some way contributing to making the world a bit brighter! I hope to continue to encourage others to take small steps toward self improvement. It is my goal to inspire people to love themselves enough to want the best and strive for greater self acceptance and awareness.

Wishing you all hygge and happiness, today and always!


Rules and criteria

The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers. it’s given to those they find creative, talented and entertaining, who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community. As a blogger, it’s a great way to open yourself up to the blogging community and your readers since you need to answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. You also nominate 11 bloggers and write your own 11 questions for them to answer.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award.
  4. Ask them 11 new questions for them to answer.
  5. Display the Sunshine Blogger Awards logo and list the rules on your post.

My Answers: Get to know me

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt called to do so.

I am a self proclaimed technophobe. So, I couldn’t even use Excel and was barely competent with Word when I started this journey. Something in my heart told me that I needed to do this. I felt it so strongly I assumed it must be God. I try to listen when this happens because I don’t want to end up in the belly of a whale (haha). Despite the frustration, and even tears at times I persevered (with a lot of support from my family and friends, especially my husband and kids). I am very happy that I followed that calling and stuck with it!

What is your favorite way to relax?

My favorite way to relax is playing golf or Scrabble with my husband. He is still my very best friend.

If he isn’t available… hey… it could happen! I love to curl up with a good book. My guilty pleasure is Bravo though, I LOVE Real Housewives & Southern Charm (despite all of the drama).

What is your favorite food?

This might be a little weird but I don’t have a favorite food. I started my health and wellness journey because I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and I did an elimination diet to address this and some other health issues I was having. I tend to eat for health and a lot of foods people typically would put in the favorite food category taste great but don’t make me feel my best. Foods I can’t get enough of… eggs, dark chocolate, mushrooms and garlic. YUMMM!!!

What is your dream holiday (vacation) destination?

My number 1 bucket list travel destination is Israel. I’ve never been and I’m pining to go! I absolutely love going to Rome, it’s beautiful and I love the food and culture. Hands down though, my favorite place is my home up north (northern part of the lower peninsula, for those not from Michigan). It’s in the middle of the woods on a lake and it’s so quiet and serene. I always feel completely at peace there! I’m excited to be moving up there full time next year!

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 1 book would you want with you and why?

I know it’s cliche but I would take the Bible. It has all of the information you need to survive and all of the inspiration you need to thrive! Plus, every time you read it you learn something new or find new meaning. In this way it would never get old and I would never tire of it.

What would your autobiography be called?

Hold On Tight or I Couldn’t Make This Up if I Tried! You simply wouldn’t believe my autobiography! It would make soap operas look boring and mundane!

Do you have one piece of advice or wisdom you have learned?

I love the Maya Angelou quote “When someone shows you who they are, believe them!” It inspires me to not only believe them but to also be authentically myself. You shouldn’t have to work that hard to see who someone is (especially someone you love). Like me or not… if you know me, you know who I am and I make NO apologies for it!

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is elephants! The way they form communities and remember, love, care for (and even avenge) one another inspires me. I think it’s beautiful!

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t have a favorite movie. I love all of the 80s John Hughes movies and sometimes a good chic flick or romcom is just what I need. I’m a HUGE movie nerd though and always see Marvel, X-men, Star Wars and Star Trek movies in the theater. I LOVE them all and eagerly await the new releases!

In my opinion the most beautifully made movie I’ve ever seen is Reign Over Me. It is perfect in every way. That being said… I can’t watch it on repeat.

What country do you reside in?

I am a proud American, living in the United States! More specifically, I have been born and raised in Michigan. If you’ve ever met a person from Michigan, you know it! We are VERY proud of our home state, despite the complaints about the roads and weather. PURE MICHIGAN!!!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

If I could have one super power I would choose power mimicry. That’s right! Why choose just one when you can have them ALL!!! (BTW… only a true nerd would even think of this one)!

My 11 Nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Awards 2019:

Y’all… If I’m nominating them it’s because I LOVE their content and think they are truly talented and inspirational! Check out these awesome blogs and bloggers!

My 11 Questions

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What do you find most rewarding about blogging?
  3. What is your favorite post you’ve written (or the one you’re most proud of) & why?
  4. Who is your personal hero & why?
  5. Name your favorite book or author.
  6. What is your favorite self-care tip?
  7. What motivates you on difficult days?
  8. List 3 – 5 things / people you are grateful for?
  9. What is your BIG life dream?
  10. Name something that brings you joy.
  11. What is your goal for your blog?

Again, Thank you so much to Jonathan at My Vertigo & Me and to all of my readers and followers! I hope you’ll subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! As always please feel free to share and comment! I love hearing from all of you!

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    Ι was alsо born iin Marina Di Minturno 30 yeаrs ago.
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    • I’m glad you found me too! I hope you enjoy the content here! If there’s anything else you’re interested in let me know! I love to get suggestions from my readers!

    • Thank you SO much Ilene! I have found that social media contact with other bloggers is very helpful in getting “seen”. I hope to see you on SM and to connect there as well! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you for some 2019 recognition! Keep it up! <3

  • Thank you again for the nomination! Nice to get to know you a bit thru your answers and I look forward to tackling your interesting Q’s.
    Peace and love,
    Spence ?

  • Cassie, I am soo proud of you…I knew that you’d find your “calling” sooner or later…I’ve always admired you for your tenacity to pursue something…you got this girl!! Love you!!

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