April 24


The Lockdown Silver Linings

By Cassie

April 24, 2020

lockdown silver linings, quarantine

If you’ve been hanging out on UA lately you know I’m all about spreading the positivity.  I know this is a challenging and stressful situation and it’s okay to not feel okay right now.  But the more you’re able to find the silver linings the easier this will be to get through!  That’s why I’m SO excited to have been tagged by Finn at Finn the Infinncible in The Lockdown Silver Linings Tag!  Twin Mummy and Daddy started The Lockdown Silver Linings Tag to spread some positivity during these difficult and unprecedented times and I’m SO grateful to Finn for roping me into this!  Y’all know I talk the talk… advising you to find your joy and gratitude, now it’s time to walk the walk!  So… here are my silver linings from lockdown.

My BEST Stuff

Some of you may not have heard yet but I’m building a new business based on this blog!  I’m so serious about it I’ve even brought my husband on as COO.  Which means we’re both coming out of retirement… that’s right… at under 50 years old we were ready and able to retire due to the successful businesses we’d already built.  But when you feel inspired and have a calling, you listen!

We’ve had to make some adjustments, but we’ve also had a lot of uninterrupted time to dedicate to our new pursuit.  And honestly, I’m creating my best stuff right now for the blog and the business!  All this uninterrupted time has allowed me to keep up with my blog, work on our merch and write 3 unique life tools! Plus, I’m putting out more bonus content than ever for my UA members!

Productivity WIN!!!

Rustic Living

As soon as cases started to increase in the Detroit area, we headed up north for quarantine. We’ve been here for about a month and now travel to inner state vacation homes is prohibited.  We have very few cases or resources in the more rural parts of Michigan so it’s important to keep the virus contained. 

About 12 years ago we fulfilled a generational dream and bought a little house on a lake in the middle of the woods. And a few years ago we had significant renovations done in preparation for retiring here.  I’m SO happy to have this amazing home in the middle of no where to nestle into right now.  Plus, we had to equip it and prepare to work here so that will help us enjoy it even more in the upcoming years despite our delayed retirement!

Making Connections

Now that I’m in quarantine I’m finding that I have to make a lot more effort at making connections!  This isn’t my strong suit!  I’m kind of a loner and prefer quiet days at home!  Once I get on the phone though I could talk for hours!  Just ask anyone who knows me… once every 6 months or so they’ll get a 2-hour phone call and that’s about it!

I must be a rebel at heart because since the first moment of lockdown I’ve been pining to go out!  This has me thinking about how little time I actually spend with the people I love.  While I’m still not great about reaching out I have found that I’m doing it a lot more.  I’m growing in this way!  And growth is always something to be proud of, happy about, and grateful for!

My Bestie

So, now, more than EVER I’m SO glad that I married my best friend!  We have so much fun together which makes the days pass quickly and fills my heart with joy!

If you have to be confined for weeks on end with anyone it’s best if that person is your favorite person!  And to be honest, it isn’t much of an adjustment at all.  We’ve both worked from home for years and are spoiled with all the time we get to spend together! That said, there were still errands, responsibilities and outings that broke up the day. Those distractions are gone now so let’s be honest we could be getting on each other’s last nerve with all of the stress and confinement.  Not so… this might become our new normal. Minimizing as many outings as possible! Well… you know, except for setting aside more time for the other people we love (because I’ll still be working on that)!

Bonus Time

My youngest is a senior in High School. I know what you all might be thinking, “that’s so sad” or “you must be so disappointed”. It is. We are! But silver linings don’t come without clouds!  He’ll be missing his prom and graduation and all the other festivities that go along with being a senior.  And it’s particularly tough because he’s overcome so much and worked so hard.  I know I’m not alone in this situation!  It’s a bummer… for real!

Here’s the thing though, he’s moving off to college in a few short months! These last moments are precious and we’re wringing every last bit of joy out of them!  We’re embracing all the extra family time.  And to be honest I wish I’d had these opportunities with our other kids too.  I mean… obviously without a pandemic and mandatory shut down of the world!

Thank You

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of my biggest silver linings throughout all of this has been my online community!  Whether it be here on the blog or on social y’all have been amazing! I’ve seen the most incredible acts of kindness, compassion and resilience throughout all this!  So I have to close this post with a whole hearted “THANK YOU”!  You’re why I do what I do and you inspire me to show up and leave it all out there! 

I hope you’ll share a silver lining in your life in the comments to encourage other’s who visit this post!  

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 I’d love you to hear what your Lockdown Silver Linings are. These are my five nominated bloggers:

If you accept the tag challenge, remember to link back to where the tag started (Twin Mummy & Daddy). And, if you want to continue to spread the positivity forward, you can tag another five bloggers of your choosing.

Here are my five nominated bloggers:

If you accept the tag challenge, remember to link back to where the tag started (Twin Mummy & Daddy). And, if you want to continue to spread the positivity forward, you can tag another five bloggers of your choosing.

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