February 6


Welcome to Upcycled Adulting!

By Cassie

February 6, 2019

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I’m so happy that you are here!

When I was a teenager I thought I knew everything. I had arrived! Isn’t this so true of all teens? My dad sat me down one day and said, “I’m going to tell you the truest thing I’ve ever heard.” My dad was a man of few words and not one to opine on deep philosophical truths. So, my curiosity was peaked. I listened intently as he shared the words my great-grandfather had shared with him when he was about my age… “as long as you’re living, you’ll always be wet behind the ears.” I’ll be honest I felt ripped off! Seriously, that’s it! You’ll always be wet behind the ears! What’s that supposed to mean anyway?!?!

Wet behind the ears

If you google “wet behind the ears” it’s defined as ” lacking experience” or “immature”. It can also mean naive. The family wisdom my father was sharing with me that day was that I, in fact, did not know everything! He was making sure that I knew that I would never know everything and I should be glad for it. Because, as long as you’re living you’re learning and growing and if you’re not you’re dying. Now that I’m an adult, several years older than he was when he bestowed this wisdom on me, I understand. He was right and so was my great grandfather. I’m a grown woman and the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my lifetime is I’ll always be wet behind the ears.

Missing links

Point is… I don’t know everything. I haven’t officially “arrived”. I’m figuring this stuff out just like you. In my search for self improvement and growth I’ve found that there are a couple of things missing.

Firstly, access to information that meets you where you’re at. There are so many sources of information that assume you already have a lot of background knowledge and experience with self improvement. What if you’re just starting out? What if you don’t even know where to start? Well, you’re in the right place!

The second missing component is people who admit that they are on the journey too. People who can relate to the struggle and share what worked for them or what they are still working on. This is a vital source of encouragement in my opinion.

At Upcycled Adulting

At Upcycled Adulting you will find information, support and guidance for most aspects of your life. You will find things that you can apply right now. Right where you are at on your path. This site is arranged to help you easily locate the information that applies to you.

I’ve created guideposts using a rainbow as a format. Red posts are geared toward beginners, purple toward experts and each color increases in between. You will also find pieces that are meant for everyone. The first paragraph of the article has a background that corolates to it’s color rating. Pieces that apply to all levels have completely white backgrounds throughout. You are welcome to read any material you like, of course. But, hopefully this system will make your self improvement journey easier to navigate.

I hope that you find exactly what you need here to learn and grow. I also hope that you enjoy knowing that I’m here with you, on my path. You’ll find my stories of triumph and struggle. You’ll see me fail and succeed in real time. I’m not an expert. I’m a regular person just like you, still wet behind the ears. I just happen to be fascinated with health and wellness stuff. Because of this I’ve done a wide range of research. So I thought, why not share it?

Dive in

I’m looking forward to creating, with you, a community of people who are inspiring each other. Who know and appreciate that we are all wet behind the ears. People who are grateful for the opportunity to grow and improve together. So, what are you waiting for… dive in! Find a category that interests you and get started.

But before you go, leave a comment telling me what you most want to learn about.

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