September 26


Powerful Daily Affirmations for Self-love, Health & Wealth

By Cassie

September 26, 2022

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Powerful daily affirmations can and will change your life.  And I know this firsthand.  

I used to think affirmations were a little hokey and the idea that they were actually doing anything seemed extremely farfetched.  The thought of standing in front of a mirror saying nice things to myself brought forth Stuart Smalley images and literally made my skin crawl.  Which makes a lot of sense since I was struggling with such a deep sense of self-loathing.  So, you may be wondering, how did I go from there to where I am now, basically the queen of affirmations?

Well… it’s quite simple. I REALLY dig science.  More specifically neuroscience.  So, when I started coming across actual scientific research proving that affirmations change the way your brain functions, I knew I had to give it a shot.  I went from the biggest skeptic 🡪 crying in the mirror while trying to say something even remotely nice to myself 🡪 actually believing in and loving myself 🡪 teaching others how to do the same.  Was it overnight?  Heck, no! But was it well worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  I’ve seen hundreds of lives changed through affirmations!

Powerful Daily Affirmations

We are surrounded Every. Single. Day. With negativity.  Most of it we aren’t even consciously aware of.  It comes at us from social media, music, news and entertainment, the people we know, and even the people we don’t.  And here’s the thing, our brains are absorbing every bit of it whether we’re aware of it or not.  It does so because its primary job is to keep us safe and alive, so it really needs to know where all the potential problems and dangers are.  This consistent flow can convince us that something is wrong with us or our dreams, that the world is something to be feared, and that we will never be enough.  

Because we’re receiving these negative and limiting messages every day, it’s essential to have a powerful daily affirmation practice as well.  In this way, we can remind ourselves of the positive and good.  We can encourage ourselves, overcome our fears, and unburden our weary minds.

Daily affirmations are even proven to increase our resilience and ability to handle stress and overcome challenge.  They change the way we think and see the world even making us more tolerant people.  And they even create automatic behavior changes.  All around, powerful daily affirmations change us and have the power to make the world a better place.

How to Use Daily Affirmations

There are many ways to use daily affirmations.  You can read them, write them, think them, or recite them.  Or, why not all of the above?  

Reading affirmations can inspire you to create your own and broaden your affirmation vocabulary.  This can be particularly helpful if you’re new to this practice and aren’t quite sure where to start.

Writing affirmations is an excellent way to bring the message home.  When we write things by hand, we retain them easier.  

Thinking about your affirmations frequently keeps them at the forefront of your mind and helps to automate your thoughts in this direction even in the face of challenge. 

Reciting your affirmations is the gold standard, particularly if you do so in front of a mirror.  When we speak our affirmations, look ourselves in the eye, and hear those words we are far more able to internalize them.  That said, it’s a very common experience to cry when doing so.  I originally thought I was crying because I didn’t believe them but later realized it was because my soul was rejoicing in the truth.  I know… that might sound a bit too woo-woo but it’s true; you’ll see.

Start Using Affirmations

There is nothing I can say to fully explain the experience of using daily affirmations.  There just aren’t words to communicate how profound the change is.  There isn’t a way to describe the moment you realize that your brain has automatically offered support, positivity, and encouragement in the face of frustration, challenge, or even failure rather than conciliation or condemnation.  You’ll just have to see for yourself.  

Here are some affirmations to help get you started.  Take it small to start and just pick just a few that resonate with you.  Remember, you can always add more or even write your own when you get the hang of it.

Daily Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence

  • I value myself and honor my needs.
  • I am worthy and enough exactly as I am.
  • I am authentic and choose to live my truth every day.
  • I choose to be limitless and can achieve my dreams.
  • I am safe and secure in myself.
  • I have a growth mindset.
  • I am creating a life I love.
  • I choose me.
  • I trust myself.

Daily Affirmations for Health

  • I can nourish my body well.
  • I validate my physical and emotional needs.
  • I am kind to my body and care for it well.
  • I deserve rest and sleep.
  • I am attuned to my mental and physical needs.
  • I can obtain my best health and optimal weight.
  • I am highly motivated to care for myself exceptionally well.

Positive Daily Affirmations for Success and Wealth

  • I am ingenious and have inventive and creative ideas.
  • I am bold and go after what I want unapologetically.
  • I expect success in my every endeavor.
  • All my needs are met.
  • I am wise and capable in my finances.
  • I deserve financial freedom and comfort.
  • I am equipped for greatness.
  • I have direction and can determine a clear path.
  • I deserve to be well liked and valued at work.
  • I am a quick learner and can obtain the knowledge I need to succeed.

Remember, if you’re struggling to believe that you’ll ever believe some of these, that’s ok, but that’s not the place to start.  Take small steps toward improving your mindset by creating or utilizing strong affirmations that feel believable to you.  I promise, if you keep it up, you’ll get there!

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